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Spiritual Mediums - A Message from Loved Ones


Spiritual Mediums - Receiving a Message from Loved Ones


It is helpful to understand what a spiritual medium is and does before considering how messages from loved ones are received. 

A spiritual medium is someone who can channel messages from people who have passed over.  Some mediums do this by entering a meditative state and use ‘angels’ and ‘guides’ to receive messages.  Spiritual mediums can often feel the personality and emotions of the spirit and can relate this as messages from loved ones.

Spiritual mediums can tune into the spirit world and as a result, spirits contact them in order to reach living loved ones.  Each medium works differently. When a medium tunes into the spirit world, depending on how the medium works will depend on which spirits they contact and which member of the spirit world comes through to them.  Some mediums work with spirit guides who speak for other spirits that have passed over.

 A spirit may make contact because he or she feels there are unresolved issues with a living person and wants to bring closure to help their loved one reach a point where they can feel at peace. 

Sometimes a spirit may want to tell a loved one of something to come or to offer clarity over something the loved one is confused about.  Spirits may also simply want to reassure someone they are happy in the spirit world and although they may have gone in body they are still around to give comfort and strength in spirit.

Such spirit communication can therefore help with the grieving process, as knowing a loved one is still there in the after-life can provide comforting reassurance. 

Some may question why a spirit does not contact them directly, but this could be because the person would not be open to tuning into the spirit world or may find it too difficult emotionally to accept the presence of a spirit without a ‘go between’.  The best spiritual medium can open someone up to being able to sense their loved ones who have passed away and feel their presence around them. 

Many people tend to go to a group reading. where anyone can attend either in the hope of hearing a message from a loved one or sometimes to observe a medium to gain an understanding of how messages are received before going on to have a reading themselves either again in a group, privately, or over the telephone.  Having a private reading or using an online medium offers the opportunity of being more intimate which some prefer.

Psychics and mediums work in many different ways but whatever the channel they can offer great comfort.

Medium psychic readings are certainly becoming more popular on the web.  Online is a great way to find a medium but however it is received, a message from a loved one can be one of the most cherished communications ever received.

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