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Lending a Helping Hand to a Grieving Spouse


It is devastating for your partner to lose one of their parents, and they are understandably buried in grief.  If your family strands have been woven for many years, then you in turn could also be grieving.  This can leave you at a loss on how best to help them, how to help yourself and how to navigate this painful maze that you are both in.  Children and grandchildren can also be in the mix, and other family members are also involved.

There is no road map, or set way, on how to handle things at this time.  Every single family unit, no matter how they are made-up, learn and grow as they find their way through.


Every single person experiences grief in their own way.  They go at their own pace.  They react in their own way.  You know your spouse and during this time your instinct will guide you.  If you find yourself struggling, then close friends are helpful so you can vent and ease the strain, or a psychic can be a great source of support and comfort.

When anyone is hit with a deeply felt loss, then the familiar can bring much comfort.  Normal daily routines at home laced with special touches can make a real difference.  Freshly laundered clothes, special shower gel, touching notes, favourite meals and loving touches around your home.  Peaceful moments where your partner can talk if they need to and distractions, like a good DVD, when they don’t.

Your loved one could well turn and vent on you and this can be very hard for you to deal with.  They do this because they can feel the love that is the safety net you provide.  Your love will give them the space and care they need to do this, and it is a step forward.  At least they are communicating, but it is possible that you will end up biting your tongue, as you keep quiet!

Some families chart their journey and make a journal of memories.  As the rawness of new grief subsides, they are able to look at photographs, postcards, clippings and little mementoes of times gone by.  These books and albums become treasured family items.  Love flows bringing healing in its wake as these books are built.

Part of grief is the heart yearning to talk to a loved one just one more time.  To hear that they are well again and happy, to heal old wounds, to say loving words, or to tell them about a new family event. A medium or clairvoyant is invaluable to connect with loved ones and to bring forth love and reassurance that love never dies.  Our loved ones are as we remember them, with all their personality and characterful quirks.


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