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End of a Relationship: How do you cope after the break-up?


When a relationship breaks-up and you are no longer a couple, grief most assuredly follows. Each of us experiences this in our own way, and as we have all found, there is no set pattern or time limit to it..


There will be a tumble of emotions to deal with, and in the initial stages, it will be messy, as no doubt the end of the relationship probably was. Whatever happens be kind to yourself and apply the balm of forgiveness for any unusual behaviour. You will catch yourself thinking ‘I never behave like that usually!’ It’s OK, give yourself permission, you are allowed. These are trying times and you are finding your own way through them.



Speak about your feelings


You will feel how you feel and acknowledging the different feelings is important. Then you can let them go. In releasing all the pent-up emotion, you start to get your balance back. Say it out loud to a ‘safe’ person if you can, yell where no-one can hear you or write it out. You can even burn your writing afterwards. There is a wonderful release in watching ‘upset’ go up in smoke..



Nurture yourself as much as you possibly can


Think of yourself as a little one. What would you do to comfort an upset toddler? Comfort yourself in the same way, with as many acts of kindness as you can think of; deep bubble baths, a good book or film, a fun night out, laughter with friends, chocolate, favourite meals, cuddling a pet, anything that brings a smile to your face..


There are always gifts in every relationship we create. So no matter what happened in your relationship, however it ended, there will be gifts. It may have shown you a quality you did not know you had. Your partner may have mirrored a way of behaving back to you, and you can adjust and change your own way of operating. You may have seen a new way of handling things in the future. You may have good memories that make you smile. Whatever gifts you find, tuck them away in a special pocket of your heart. Nothing can change the good that happened.


A safe place to explore your emotions and the events that led to the end of your relationship is invaluable right now. A psychic reading allows you the time and loving safety to hear yourself say things out loud. We are verbal beings and the answers are within us, we just need the space and time to ‘see’ how things really are.


A clairvoyant reader will also have different perspectives on your situation and these can also be helpful right now.


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