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How to Achieve Work Life Balance

Sometimes we may find ourselves at a point where stress levels are raised and it’s often not until this moment, that we realise we need to consider work life balance…


So many of us in life feel like we are struggling with various aspects of our life as we constantly balance work, children and home life. Juggling family time and work can often be challenging as we find that both parts of our life can present difficulties and unexpected occurrences, or simply that we feel overloaded with time management.

Are You Being Overworked?

The UK’s Mental Health Foundation report that 3 in 10 employees will experience a mental health problem in any one year. There are growing concerns that the increasing number of hours that are expected by workplaces, often means that people are starting to neglect the other aspects of their life that make them happy and more resilient. These are areas which create work life balance. A huge 13% of the working population work 49 hours or more per week. Work related stress costs the UK over 10 million working days each year. Managing working hours and employers’ expectations is extremely important and essential to restrict stress, ensuring you have a healthy work life balance. Employees worry that if they are not putting in the extra hours (which they are often not paid for) then they cannot fulfil their role and therefore their job may be at risk. Even though unemployment levels have decreased over the last few years in the UK, the increased need for specifically skilled workers means that it can still be difficult to find work.

How to Achieve a Work Life Balance

First of all, recognising that you need to find a better balance between your working life, your personal life and your family life is the first step to achieve a work life balance. For most people, their number one priority is their family and therefore identifying issues in the home that may be a result of your working influence, means that you need to act and do something about it. One small change to your daily routine could help you to achieve a work life balance, whether it’s leaving work on time or getting to work a bit earlier to get through your tasks – it could really improve the situation. Working parents with young school children have the pressure of getting them to school on time, rushing to work, arranging childcare or leaving work on time for the school run. These are all stressful pressures that may make you feel like you have no work life balance.

Tips for Better Work Life Balance

A perfect work life balance means that you manage your responsibilities of work, children, family and home successfully, and that you still have enough personal time for you. It may sound impossible but small changes can achieve that work life balance. Here are some essential tips for better work life balance:
Time Management: On a piece of paper, write down a ‘typical week’ to include all of your responsibilities. Highlight the priorities and underline the least flexible tasks that have to be done. Make sure you include all aspects of your life – family, children, work and personal time.
Finding Flexibility: Look at your priorities and work out which ones are flexible and not restricted to a day or time. Instead of allocating a particular day (which adds pressure), block out spaces in your week which gives you the opportunity to fulfil the flexible tasks.
Extra Time: If you have a busy week ahead with many priorities, create extra time at the beginning of the day by waking up an hour or so earlier. Making time at the end of the day is likely to achieve nothing as you will be tired.
Share Responsibilities: Look at chores in the home and ask your partner or children to help out. Allocating a few chores each week is sharing the responsibility and even if your children are young, they may like to help out by dusting or tidying. Remember, you are not superwoman!
Have Some Me Time: Giving yourself just a few hours a week to do something which you enjoy can have a very positive effect on stress. Whether you go to the gym, do a hobby or meet up with friends – you also need time out from the humdrum of responsibilities.
Working Life: Try and stick to your normal working hours. Your boss may not mind you staying late to get the job done, but they will be just as impressed if you manage to fulfil your role within the 8 working hours. If you are overloaded with work, discuss this with your boss and see if you can delegate any tasks to others.

Limit your Self-Expectations

If you have a busy job with lots of responsibilities and a demanding family life, then no doubt you will feel like you’re juggling a lot from Monday to Friday. It is really important to find some time to relax in the evenings and weekends and not overload yourself with a busy social life or extra tasks. Relaxation is our way of reviving the body, the mind and the soul, it is by no means selfish – it is necessary. Trying to keep a house tidy every evening and fulfilling chores is not a ‘priority’ – share the responsibilities a few times a week or at the weekends.



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PUBLISHED: 30 November 2016

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