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Have you ever felt as if your life is in a never ending boxing ring? One thing after another knocks you on the floor until you haven’t got the strength to get up again. Although challenging experiences are character building, it’s inevitable that getting stuck in a negative rut is soul destroying. If we keep on expecting the worst, it can relentlessly continue.


There are magical ways of breaking the spell and manifesting a brand new life for yourself. Don’t feel that you are interfering with your destiny; the Universe is always ready to make your life more fulfilling. This spell can work within hours or it can take days, it is long lasting and will affect your whole life positively for the rest of your life. If you are fed up with being ground down this is just for you!
The best time to cast the spell is on a Thursday when the moon is waxing. Read through this spell several times. Make sure that you are by yourself so that you can focus completely on what you want to be achieved.
You will need:
A white candle
A bowl of water
A bowl of earth
A knife 
Hair from your brush
A piece of paper and a pen to write down the spell. 
Light the candle. Stand up and take the knife in your hand and draw a circle in a clockwise motion. Bring the water and earth into the circle. Dip your fingers into the earth and water and feel all the negative situations flowing into each bowl. Take your time. Ask your angels to surround you with their love and positivity. Imagine you are stepping through to a powerful dimension. Physically take a step forward standing in your new destiny. When you are ready read the spell:
By fire, water, earth and air, 
I banish all negativity,
All the situations that have dragged me down, 
I now release as they dissolve into the ground.
It is my choice to embrace a new destiny
I choose love, light and positivity.
My angels banish darkness from my life
And fill the void with endless opportunities
I ask for (whatever you would like to happen)
I move away from the past 
And know that from now on my present and future
Is full of happiness that will last
The power of me sets me free.
Now burn the paper and the hair and expect results. Blow out the candle and imagine your new life. Thank all the angels and Spirit for helping you. 
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