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Celebrate Walk On Your Wild Side Day, Wednesday April 12th

How can you liberate the Wildwoman, or Wildman within? Discover your secret, primitive self!


  • Following your fantasies
  • Enjoying new sensations
  • The wonders of Nature
  • Animal magic


Be honest! What have you always wanted to do, in your heart of hearts, that you know other people would disapprove of? The truth is, there’s a big part of you that disapproves of this too! Why let that inhibited side keep you down?
Make a list of your wild dreams, from small to very large. Start by being a bit cheeky – wearing something wacky, saying something provocative – pushing yourself out of your comfort zone until you’re ready to tackle something more extreme.

So Walk on Your Wild Side Day can be the start of something dramatic, if you want it to be!


We spend so much time ‘up in our heads’ over-thinking everything and often forgetting where we are, let alone how anything feels!
Today, make a commitment to the world of sensation. Your body is a wonderful gift – what pleasure can it bring you? What can you do that you’re really going to relish?
Have a massage, go for a sauna, treat yourself to aromatherapy or just enjoy sampling different scents. Vaporise essential oils, buy a sweet-smelling bouquet, enjoy a luxury hand-cream.
Experience different tastes by sampling exotic fruits and foods. Indulge your taste-buds, but also be adventurous. You never know what you like until you try it.
Go to an art gallery and feast your eyes on works of art. Lose yourself in wonderful music, dance like a true wild thing to your favourite rock tracks or waft around gracefully to something classical.
Last but not least, spend time making love if you possibly can. Relationships can get in a rut – why not have an early night or late morning renewing passion with your lover and making like the birds and bees?


Of course there are plenty of mad things you can do in town, but under open skies is where the truly wild stuff happens. So get outside, into the parks and fields and take lots of deep, deep breaths.
Walk in woodland, really noticing the shapes of the trees, their branches with all their twists and turns and knots, the texture of bark, the scent of the soil, the sound of the wind in the leaves and all the wildlife that creeps, runs and flies there.
Walk to a hilltop, looking all around you at the countryside that is spread out around you, breathe in the freshness of the wind with all its messages of distant parts. Let this speak to you of all the countless possibilities there are within your own life.
When you’re outdoors try to let go of all the buzzing thoughts and truly be mindful, present in the moment. Then you will be in tune with the wild spirit within you, and who knows where that could lead?


What is your favourite animal? Animals are, of course, much closer to the instinctual. They respond to the sounds and scents around them, they express their feelings and reactions quite openly and they have no shame.
Which animal do you identify with most readily? Learn as much as you can about this creature. What does it like to do? What does it eat? What sort of communities does it form part of, or is it a loner? How do you think the world looks to this animal.
Try to move as if you were your animal. Wear fabrics that are like its skin. Paint your face like your animal’s Go to its habitat and prowl and sniff. Make the kind of noises your animal makes. Try to let go of your human inhibitions and look at life from this wordless, instinctual perspective.
Go on an inner ‘journey’ to meet your animal. Play rhythmic music with no lyrics, lie down with your eyes closed and imagine that you are in the habitat of your animal. Take the time to imagine this in detail and ask your animal to appear.
When your animal arrives, try to communicate with it. Ask it any questions you want the answers to. The answers may appear in your mind, or your animal may seem to talk to you. This is just your subconscious mind attuning to the essence of the animal, so try not to question this – just go with it.
Your animal may now take you on a journey. Just enjoy this, take note of what it teaches you about your animal. When the journey ends, don’t forget to thank your animal. Make a note of all your impressions. What has it taught you about wildness?



We’ve looked at the power of fantasy, sensations, nature and animals. All of these can help you free your inner wild self. But sometimes inhibitions are hard to get rid of, especially when your confidence is low or you’re coping with anxiety and loss. So get support without delay by contacting one of our insightful Readers, who will put you on the right track and make you feel alive once more.



PUBLISHED: 10 April 2017

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