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Visiting Sacred Sites


With the warmer weather and longer days, June, July and August are favourite months for experiencing the countryside.  But the ‘countryside’ is so much more than hills, fields and forests.  It is where we can see creation in action and tune in to the magical energies that pulse within the earth.

In this article we examine:

  • What is a ‘sacred site’?
  • How can you find sacred sites?
  • Attuning to the qualities of special places




A sacred site is a special location on the earth.  Many nature worshippers believe that our ancestors, back in a time before recorded history, were able to sense the energies within the earth, and often responded to these by erecting stones or mounds.  These monuments were then used as places of worship and healing, where the power within the earth could be concentrated and focussed.  

Later on, when Christianity took over, churches were built on many of the former holy places.  Ordinary folk probably didn’t register the difference.  They may well have trooped along to their familiar sites, worshipping Jesus and the saints and assuming these were just different names for the old gods and spirits of place.

Whatever your beliefs, churches, especially old ones, can feel very sacred indeed.  The energies within the earth create an atmosphere of the transcendent, which has been intensified by centuries of worship.  Other traditional sacred sites include stone circles, dolmens, standing stones and barrow mounds.  

However, there are countless ‘sacred sites’ that have not been formally marked by anyone.  Many spots within forests, beside lakes and rivers and on high hillsides can have a very powerful and truly ‘sacred’ feel to them.  You will find this if you allow your conscious mind to be quiet, letting your inner perceptions speak to you.




Major sites such as Stonehenge and Avebury, plus cathedrals, abbeys etc. are easy and obvious.  But you don’t have to go far to find the sacred.  Any map of your location will show you barrows and stones that you might like to visit.  If you live in a town you will probably need to travel some distance, but do not miss the ambience of the sacred that sometimes exists in modern buildings, and, of course, in modest churches.  Anywhere that you feel a ‘presence’ is a start.

You will also find sacred spots if you just go rambling and see what appeals.  In a woodland grove you may draw just as close to the sacrosanct as in any place that has been specifically consecrated.  It doesn’t matter if no-one else agrees with you – it’s how you respond that counts.




If you insist on fiddling with your mobile and taking photos continually you can’t expect to pick up the impressions at a sacred site.  Practice doing nothing, being ‘mindful’ and concentrating on your responses.

Sit quietly and close your eyes.  What do you feel, hear, smell and touch?  Open your eyes and look around slowly, drinking in your surroundings.  What birds, plants and animals can you see?  Everyone senses subtle atmospheres in different ways, so get used to your way of responding.

Many people like to dowse at sacred sites because they feel that this enables them to identify and tune in to the energies.  Often lines of energy may be detected in this way – the so-called ‘ley lines’ that many believe connect sacred sites up and down the country.

The point of attuning to these sites is that you feel uplifted, realising that there is so much more to life than the restricted outlook that we normally live by.  You can leave tension and worry behind and feel healed at quite a profound level.  You may even have experiences that are very memorable, such as some wonderful insight, psychic encounter or far memory.  If you are lucky, this can change your life.  Certainly it will give more meaning to the daily struggle.

After attuning to the site, you can take a few pictures.  It’s also a good idea to note everything you experience, because it’s surprising how quickly even vivid experiences can disappear from our minds, once we submerge ourselves back into what we call ‘ordinary’ life.

By all means celebrate the site and heighten your responses, by burning incense, creating a stone cairn, meditating, dancing or chanting.  You could paint, sketch and even take your knitting there, because in this way you’ll be quietening that worrying, analysing part of your brain and letting in something more meaningful.  It may also be good to bring a gift, such as wildflower seeds or spring water.  However, needless to say it is vital to leave nothing that could mar the site, not even a joss stick, or spoil it for the enjoyment of others.




In this article we have discovered what a ‘sacred site’ is, how you can find it and tune in to its gifts.  But sometimes life isn’t so easy and finding special, uplifting experience seems to be out of reach.  If you are feeling down and stuck in a negative place then you need understanding and encouragement before you can benefit from the gifts of Nature.  That’s where our wonderful Readers come in, with their intuitive, comforting approach.  So why not put in a call, and be uplifted, so you can open out to all the wonders of summer and this amazing world!



PUBLISHED: 20 July 2016

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