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Life in the fast lane doesn’t have to compromise your Spirituality. In fact, Spirituality can encourage a balance for day to day tasks and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed! The closer you connect to your intuition, the better you will feel at navigating the surprises and stresses which crop up in today’s impatient pace.


For those who work 9-5 (or even later) and have family or education to organise, responsibilities may leave little time for your Spirit’s need to relax, unwind and replenish. But there are always ways that you can encourage or even top-up your connection to your higher self and the Spiritual world.
  • Daily 10 Minute Meditation
This can be first thing in the morning or last thing at night. Whatever time you can spare, simply take yourself where you won’t be disturbed and practice some deep breathing practices. You don’t have to go on a guided journey or use music if you don’t feel the need, but the art of paying attention to ‘The Breath’ alone is absolutely renowned for its many benefits. 
  • Create a Meditation Corner
If you find that you’re able to have regular time for meditation you could consider creating what’s known as a Meditation Corner. It can simply be a spot where you place calm imagery or candles, a little bit like a witch’s altar, where you can spend a quiet moment. It is, in short, a place dedicated to you and your ‘time out’ and can create focus for your more advanced meditations should you wish to continue the practice. 
  • Incense in the home
If you feel the energy of your home is stagnant, lighting incense can do wonders to break up and erase any negative or grey energies. As well as filling your space with a gentle aroma, you should feel the benefits of regularly cleansing your home with incense after a week or so. Different scents of incense have different qualities, for instance sandalwood is the best purifier and jasmine can inspire a cosy feeling of romance. Incense can also increase psychic visions, intuition and a greater sense of awareness during any meditation work. 
  • Using or Placing Crystals
Crystals are more than just decorations! Their vibrational energy can assist your life in different ways. For instance rose quartz is mainly used for self-acceptance, love and harmony. Using crystals along with basic Feng Shui principles can do even more for your home – a clear quartz in your career corner could give your work area much needed boost, but it doesn’t always have to involve Feng Shui. Simply placing fluorite or Pyrite near your computer can help protect you from any harmful electronic emissions, and placing picture jasper in any room can absorb negative energy. If you feel an area of your home could benefit from a crystal, simply research which crystal you feel would fit best. 
  • Oracle Card / Tarot Card for the day
Sometimes you might want 5 minute guidance as to what you need to look out for during the course of your day. If you have an Oracle or Tarot deck, simply shuffling and drawing a card in the morning or even night before, can provide you with valuable messages to guide you through. 
  • Buy A Plant / Connect with nature
Nature is the best helper with Spirituality. If you’re unable to get out in nature regularly or don’t have access to a garden, you can bring this to you by purchasing an easy-care plant for your hectic lifestyle. It’s always good to be reminded of the world outside the concrete jungles, and having a plant to care for in a corner of your home will not only help the air of your living areas but also give you a connection to Mother Earth as its finest. 
  • Join a Spiritual Group Online
If you have no time to make regular trips to local groups, the best way to connect to other people who share your beliefs is online. There are many spiritual groups who discuss their experiences and ways of getting in touch with their higher self. Sharing such experiences can provide valuable perspective on your own, and could help develop your own self-awareness in all things Spirit! 
It doesn’t stop there! There are so many different ways of getting in touch with the messages Spirit wish to share with you, including speaking to one of TheCircle Readers. Our Readers can decipher the signs and psychic energy surrounding you and provide deeper perspective with what’s happening within your life. So, if you have a quiet minute to spare, why not call a Reader today and get immediate answers.  


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