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Understanding and Finding your Spirituality


Spirituality means being aware of states of being other than this material, everyday existence. Some people confuse spirituality with religion, but they are not the same. Religion consists of rules, specific rituals and clearly defined beliefs about God or gods, and an afterlife. This is embedded within a culture, whereas spirituality is more a personal matter, coming from inner experience.

The major religions are monotheistic and male-orientated, worshipping a Father-god and involving – or having involved in the past – elements of judgment, fear and compulsion. Although many people find spirituality through Islam and Christianity, inspired by their underlying messages of love and peace, it is possible to follow a religion without having any ‘spirituality’ at all, and to believe the dogma without question, without having any true experience of the Divine.


Opening out to spirit beings and other realities, experiencing empathy with fellow humans, animals and the planet, being motivated by love and a wish to become a more complete soul – all these are part of spirituality. It is a drive, a feeling, an awakening, not a dogma. It is an inner ‘knowingness’ rather than a faith, and often involves an awareness of a goddess force. Your spirituality is your perspective on the many-sided crystal of truth, but while it is personal it is never ego-centric.


Fostering your spirituality will bring light and meaning into your life. Remember these points:


  • Forget about any rules you have been taught about what you ‘should’ believe.
  • Reflect on a sense of ‘one-ness’ with all of life. • Be aware of what ‘feels right’ to you.
  • Explore any path or religion that appeals – you do not have to commit to anything to draw wisdom from it.
  • Spend time alone, in meditation, and/or follow a meditation class or regime (spirituality requires good habits, but these are not the same as following a religion)
  • Spend time close to nature. • Allow selfless love to open your heart and guide you.
  • Take psychic experiences seriously, for although they sometimes involve illusion they will expand your awareness.
  • Refuse to let your life be defined by possessions and power. These will fade and be left behind, but your spirit goes on.


Spirituality is about exploration – follow your path and you will experience joy and wonderment.

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