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Turquoise Crystal Meaning and Properties


Turquoise is the birthstone for December and is one of the oldest precious stones in the world. The turquoise crystal is most closely associated with a greenish-blue hue, although it is also available in a pure green shade. The classic turquoise colour reflects its deep connection with the power of water, with the stone also used to enhance confidence, clarity and strength. The turquoise gemstone properties give it potential in providing physical renewal and mental fortitude, while turquoise can also have deep meditative significance.



Turquoise Crystal Meaning


As well as being December’s birthstone, the turquoise gem is also the zodiac stone for Sagittarius. The sign of Sagittarius is renowned for its links to optimism and strength of spirit, with these characteristics reflected in the turquoise stone. Many civilizations have looked to turquoise to deliver these qualities, in addition to providing a connection between the spiritual and physical realms.


The name ‘turquoise’ is derived from the French word for ‘Turkish’, a homage to the traditional trade route that brought the turquoise stone from Asia to France. That route took the desirable gem through Turkey, hence the name.


But the power of language and the gem’s distinctive colour has seen a new turquoise meaning emerge. Anything that shares the same greenish-blue shade is described using the name of the turquoise gem, a reflection of the importance that humanity places on precious stones. Turquoise has been precious for a particularly long time. The turquoise crystal is believed to be one of the first resources to have been mined, with the Ancient Egyptians coveting the stone.


The distinctive colour of the turquoise gem has always made it the perfect addition to jewellery, with Ancient Egyptians often burying the finest pieces alongside mummies. Legendary pharaoh Tutankhamun was found buried with a mask embellished with turquoise gems. Ancient Egyptians are not the only culture to associate turquoise with immortality: Native Americans have also used the turquoise crystal to protect burial sites.


There was a time when people preferred blue turquoise over its green counterpart, a result of believing that green turquoise was merely a faded blue stone. This has been proven to be false, however, and people now appreciate green turquoise properties in their own right. The two colours largely bear the same strengths in proatection, healing and purification.



Turquoise Crystal Healing Properties


Some crystals require alignment with a certain part of the body, but the turquoise gemstone properties allow for greater versatility. Turquoise is all about strength, whether that means reinforcing the mind or reinvigorating the body. Your own personal requirements will dictate where you think the healing power of the turquoise should be more firmly concentrated. If you’re more focused on improving overall well-being as opposed to a specific area, then some healers believe the stone's effect to be more potent when placed at the throat or solar plexus.


The close links with water mean that the turquoise crystal is one of cleansing and purification. If the body is rife with poison or pollution of any form, the turquoise properties can be used in a detoxification process. Just as turquoise can cleanse the body, it can also declutter the mind to provide clarity of purpose. This manifests in more effective communication, with the mind more able to express its thoughts with honesty and love. These turquoise properties also allow the stone to be used in fighting a stammer, achieved through the regulation of breathing.


The green variety of turquoise has slightly different strengths to its more renowned blue relative. Because it vibrates in a distinctive manner, the green turquoise properties make it more suited to supporting the clearance of throat chakra obstructions. The overall type of spiritual guidance remains consistent across all forms of turquoise, but slight variations in physical benefits make it important to consider which colour works best for you.


Turquoise Crystal Other Uses


Turquoise can be seamlessly integrated into your existing meditation routine. The turquoise gemstone properties allow a greater connection with the elemental power of water. This is not a surprise given the oceanic tint of the stone. Water is not only the ultimate healer, but it is also the sustenance of the planet and all life. Meditating with a turquoise crystal facilitates a deeper communion between human and water.


Because the turquoise meaning is one of expression and clarity, many prefer to speak their mantras aloud when meditating with this stone. The turquoise gem is used to restore confidence in communication and balance in the soul, so an outward utterance of this mantra can bring a healthy realignment of your throat chakra.


With its links to water and to inner peace, these turquoise gemstone properties help the wearer to stay connected to the world when meditating. If you’re someone who finds it difficult to remain in contact with the physical realm when embarking on deep meditations, the use of turquoise can be extremely beneficial. Even on the most expansive journeys into the spiritual realm, a turquoise gemstone can provide a clear bridge back for the wearer.


If turquoise appears in your dream, whether in crystal form or just in colour, then it can symbolise the solution of a problem or a mystery. Those properties of clarity and confidence are always associated with the appearance of turquoise. Whether looking to build assertiveness, connect with water or assist your throat chakra, the turquoise crystal has a range of properties that make it worth your consideration.


Published: 23 April 2019

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