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Trying Something New, Even If It's Just A Month


As September starts so does the new academic year, this can be an ideal opportunity to try something new. It doesn't have to be long term, it could be for a month or two. There are times when life needs a little shake up, your job is OK but it isn't providing the mental stimulation you need any more. By trying something new you can bring that intellectual spark back into your life, without the upheaval of moving jobs. We often rust out rather than burn out and trying something new can stop the rust in its tracks.


Learning something new can be quite challenging at times and some people tend to avoid doing that. Some love to experiment and engage in new stuff, while others avoid manifesting their ideas. Whichever camp you are in the challenge whether big or small can be so rewarding.

Benefits of trying something new

  • Having fun - Learning is fun and can ignite us with passion, fun and excitement. When was the last time you experienced that?
  • Sense of accomplishment and pride - Learning something new can fill you with pride, this in turn gives you a sense of accomplishing something which has a knock on effect with self-confidence and self-esteem a winner on all counts.
  • Value your time more and use it wisely - Adding something new to your schedule has been proven to help you be more aware of time and to manage your time more effectively. Having something new in your life pushes you into being better organised.
  • Meet new circles of people and form lasting friendships - By trying something new brings you into contact with like-minded people, this can go on to become a lasting friendship.
  • Personal growth - We grow and develop by learning new things. Trying something for the first time gives you that chance and space to improve. New things exercise the body, mind and spirit.
  • Discover a hidden potential or talent - By challenging the mind and body and pushing yourself intellectually or physically allows such growth. You may find that you have potential in a new area that could be developed work wise or a talent that opens up a whole new hobby for you. This may make you step out of your comfort zone but it will allow you to see other aspects of your unique and special personality.

New things to try

Join a development circle to hone your own psychic skills, take a cooking course, learn a new language, take up a new sport, learn to play an instrument, flower arranging, gardening course, astronomy course, knitting circle, art classes, photography, pottery, the world is literally your oyster. Even if you only try it for a month it will enrich your life.
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