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Release Control - Trust the Universe


Most of the time we try like mad to control so many aspects of our lives.  Even when we succeed, the stress takes its toll.  What might it be like just to let go and have faith?  Explore:

  • Finding release
  • The power of helplessness
  • Love
  • Gratitude
  • Nature, and its gifts
  • Listening to your intuition





Ask yourself what ‘control’ really is.  Mostly it relates to how quickly and effectively you react to what you never could control in the first place.  Often the gains from doing that are temporary, illusory, or come at too high a price.  Being ‘in control’ means being perpetually in a place of fear and tension.

Realise that none of us know what’s going to happen in the next day, hour or minute.  Life isn’t meant to be micro-managed and the only ‘control’ worth having is self-knowledge, self-love and love for others.  So why not give in to openness, wonderment, bewilderment and the Great Mystery?  So much more exciting than control.




There are times in life when we all feel like giving up.  You feel overwhelmed with troubles, despair washes over you and you simply surrender.  Instead of being something to fight against at all costs, these moments are full of potential, and in your time of greatest darkness a light ignites within.  This happens because you’re accepting that what you’re dealing with is too big to face alone, and you’re opening out to grace, Source, or whatever you wish to call it.

In such moments you’re actually no longer helpless.   Your viewpoint has become empowered and you’re a victim no more.  That’s when you find your greatest strength, as you let go and ask for help from the greatest force there is.




Love is the unseen, all-powerful glue that holds existence together.  Love means kindness, caring, sharing, helping out.  It may also provide boundaries to destructive behavior, presenting a gentle but staunch reminder of priorities.  Love is much more than a sugary emotion – it is true understanding, a realization that we are all one.

Try to be a loving influence wherever you can.  The last thing this involves is preaching, being holier-than-thou or ‘up yourself’.  Love is tolerant to all, especially your own short-comings.  Embrace loving intentions and be kind.  Watch your life improve.




It’s so easy to focus on what’s wrong, rather than what’s right.  This may be because our brains are hard-wired to look for threats.  This is all very well if you live in a cave and hunt in a jungle, but when applied to our current situation in jobs, relationships etc. it’s utterly counter-productive.

The more you concentrate on what’s right, good, helpful, enjoyable etc. the more of this you attract into your life.  This is because you are opening your world, making it brighter and gentler.  Wonderful opportunities materialize then. Try it!




Spirituality doesn’t arise in candle-lit rooms nearly as well as it does in woodland, meadow, park or hillside.  You don’t have to be mystical – just go out and enjoy the amazing harmony and tranquillity.

If life seems totally crazy, if you are experiencing, loss, confusion, fear or sadness, go and sit with your back to a tree, and let all the negativity melt away.

Animals can be a great help with this – it’s one of the reasons we keep pets.  Let your pet, or the pets of other people, give you their instinctual healing.  Their affection is unconditional – enjoy it.




There is a little voice that speaks inside each one of us, whispering in those moments of stillness, coming through in meditation or upon waking from sleep.  You may also get flashes of awareness.  Mostly, we discount these, preferring instead to rely on ‘reason’ or ‘common sense’.  However, your intuition comes directly from your soul, and is in contact with the Source.

Cultivate your intuition through meditation, mindfulness and times of peace.  Finding your intuitive voice means letting go of that tight hold we try to keep on life and accessing something much broader.  Intuition often speaks through your body, bypassing your consciousness and manifesting as a ‘gut feeling’.  The more you access your intuition, the more you respect it, the stronger it will become, providing inspiration and guidance.




The topics we have covered to enable you to release that fearful,  depressing control include release, helplessness, love, gratitude, the gifts of Nature and intuition.  But sometimes we all need encouragement from another human being in order to move on.  So always remember our insightful Readers are available to you, whenever you need help.  Why not put in a call today.



PUBLISHED: 4 October 2016

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