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Why Traditional Communication is Still the Best


How do you communicate? Communication in relationships can suffer if you only ever talk by texting. Find out why traditional communication works best…


It seems all too easy for most of us to quickly drop a friend or loved one a text to see how they are or to talk about getting together. Texting on mobile phones has become one of the biggest ways that society communicates nowadays and people say that it is because it is just more convenient, avoiding the disruption of a phone call if they are busy. However, is it really that beneficial to us and does it help long-term communication in relationships?

Communication has changed over the last few decades with digital methods taking over face to face conversations or telephone calls. If you have a busy life working and running a family household, then perhaps keeping in touch with friends and family is easier by text or email. But, it does seem that because of this, we are all lacking in communication. Some people say that it depends what you need to discuss, if it’s simply planning to meet up or asking a question, then texting is quick, non-intrusive and easy. If something needs to be talked through, then a telephone call would be easier. Perhaps the digital age of communication and internet accessibility may have taken over and it can be shocking to think that we would never need to venture out of the home, or make a phone call to be able to survive? We can have food and other essential items delivered to our home, we can shop online and we can keep in touch with friends and family via email or text messaging. But is this way of communicating restricting our relationships?

A phone call invites friendly interaction, verbal support and allows you to catch up properly…


A Friend in Need


If you spend your life texting your friends and family or using social media messaging to keep in contact, it’s likely you will not ever have an in depth and caring conversation. Sending a text message saying, ‘I’m here if you need me’ to someone who is upset is not the same as picking up the phone and calling them or seeing them face to face. Have you ever thought that if a friend needs a shoulder to lean on, they may not necessarily reach out to you depending on the situation? Receiving a call from a caring friend who will listen to them and reassure them, could completely change the way they feel. Back in the old days we used to make a call without thinking twice and the trusty telephone used to be a healthy and busy way of communicating. While a friend may tell you some positive or negative news over a text message, you will not be given ALL the facts, but a phone call invites friendly interaction, verbal support and allows you to catch up properly, more than anything. Communication in relationships with friends is important to show that you care.

A work rapport cannot be built on written words alone…



Communication at Work


Most working communication is done by email or some companies have an internal messaging system. Working life is busy for most people and making sure you are fulfilling your role and completing your tasks can add daily pressure and stress to your life. However, while writing a long email about an important subject may be important for keeping on record and as reference, it can also waste valuable working time. Could you have got an easy, quick answer if you had picked up the phone and rang them instead? Probably. Emails of course are useful and necessary for a lot of communication at work, but sometimes they can also be misinterpreted. Many people can find it quite hard to write the importance of something in words, and could come across as arrogant or rude! Getting the right ‘tone’ can be difficult but communication in relationships at work is imperative if you want to be good at what you do. Positive working relationships are enhanced by good rapports, and most successful professionals will ensure they communicate face to face and by telephone with their colleagues, instead of only ever using email. A work rapport cannot be built on written words alone.

If you love your partner then you should be able to speak your mind…


Communication in Love


While sending a text to your partner to say, ‘I love you’ is heart-warming for both of you, it could never be as meaningful as saying it face to face. Communication in relationships is the strong foundation to a long-term partnership. If there is little face to face or verbal communication, then two partners cannot say how they truly feel, discuss their dreams or goals for the future, or clear up any misunderstandings. Communication in relationships is not just important, it is key to what makes a relationship last. Sometimes you may feel more confident saying what has upset you by text, but if you were talking face to face, then you have the opportunity to discuss anything that is on you or your partners mind. Text messaging can sometimes be a barrier to hide behind, but if you love your partner then you should be able to speak your mind with kind intentions, and communicate properly together.


Releasing Control


Communication with friends, partners and loved ones should be a priority for everyone in today’s busy world. After all, those who care and love us will be there for us if it’s important, regardless of what is happening in their life. Vice versa – we would be there for them too. But it seems that communication by phone and seeing each other face to face sometimes is lower down on the priority list, simply because we have busy schedules or like to feel so in control of other areas of our life, that we do not free ourselves to make the time for others. Release control, plan to meet friends or put aside time in the evening to catch up on the phone. Try not to limit or restrict the time you give to others, even if it means you put a whole day aside. It’s good for us not to have to rush off or stick to a schedule, instead just going with the flow of the day.





While emailing and text messaging can be very useful in everyday life, it does not always have the right tone or sentiment behind it. Traditional ways of communicating via telephone and face to face will not only get quicker results on the subject, but more importantly it has a positive impact on your relationship – whether it’s a friend, a family member, a work colleague or your partner. To build any relationship you need to be able to talk openly, to not judge others and to respect that everyone has feelings or an opinion. If you are finding it difficult to communicate your feelings or anxieties to someone important, speak to our gifted Readers at TheCircle today. Our talented Psychics, Mediums and Clairvoyants can give you reassuring insight and guidance for current situations and your future.


PUBLISHED: 14 July 2017

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