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Tourmaline Meaning and Properties


Tourmaline may have once been mistaken for emerald thanks to its green hue, but it’s since become an important gemstone in its own right. Originating from Brazil but now popular around the world, tourmaline is actually one of the most diverse stones out there.


Alongside green and black tourmaline, this gem comes in an array of colours. In fact, it’s this spectrum of shades and global presence that have formed the tourmaline magical properties we know today.


To help you understand more about black tourmaline healing crystals, we’ve put together a quick guide. Covering everything from tourmaline meaning and origin to its spiritual connections, this guide will help you get the most out of this powerful gemstone.



Tourmaline Meaning: A Mixed Gem with Many Qualities


The earliest accounts of tourmaline date back to the 1500s and Brazil. Spanish conquistadors stumbled upon green crystals they assumed were emeralds. By the 1800s, scientists soon discovered that tourmaline had its own unique mineral structure and, therefore, wasn’t linked to emerald at all. In fact, as more explorers discovered this stone on the beaches of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), it came to be known as tourmaline.


Taken from the Sinhalese for “mixed gems”, today’s tourmaline meaning reflects its varied nature. Indeed, from its spiritual home of Brazil across Asia, this crystal is found in a myriad of sizes, shapes and colours. From the original green to red, blue, yellow and, of course, black tourmaline, the array of pigments is impressive. Naturally, this has made tourmaline popular with jewellers and designers. However, it’s also made it a perfect stone for Spiritualists.


Understanding the Healing Properties of Tourmaline


Now we’ve broken down the tourmaline meaning and origin, let’s take a look at its healing properties. Although black is often associated with the dark arts, it’s actually perfect for those with confidence or empowerment issues. When you consider the psychology of colour, black is typically associated with feelings of security, power and authority. Black tourmaline healing crystals embody certainly these properties.


Essentially grounding you, this stone allows you to find inner strength by allowing you to take a step back. For many, tourmaline has an electricity that provides a connection between the earth and the spirit. Through this bond, Healers and self-healers are able to channel healing light and, importantly, feel the earth’s embrace. Put simply, when it comes to tourmaline magical properties, support stands out as its biggest strength.


Taking these innate qualities, you can use tourmaline to help with a number of ailments. Some of the most common uses of tourmaline stone are:

  • A small number of black tourmaline crystals create a linear flow of energy that can help you meditate more effectively.
  • By empowering the spirit, tourmaline users believe this stone can help sooth panic attacks and reduce anxiety.
  • Thanks to the power of black, tourmaline can protect you from negative energy and give your mind the space to focus on important tasks.
  • With the right balance, it’s possible to treat motion sickness through the grounding properties of tourmaline.



Alternative Uses for Tourmaline Gemstone


Although watermelon tourmaline and other shades are popular, those interested in healing will naturally gravitate to black stones. As well as the uses listed above, this crystal is linked to signs of the zodiac. As you’ll know from reading your horoscope, the stars not only help determine your character but what energies you’re most receptive to. In the case of black tourmaline, it’s the perfect stone for Libras.


As we know, Libras are gentle, warm and loving. These qualities fit perfectly with the empathetic nature of tourmaline. Because this stone connects the spirit and the earth, it taps into our ability to sense emotions both in ourselves and others. Of course, Libras aren’t the only ones that can harness these qualities. However, due to their natural tendencies, tourmaline can have a greater impact on those born under this star sign.


For something a little different, you can also use tourmaline magical properties to help ease physical problems. By using the stone to stimulate reflex points, many people have reported it to be an effective way of treating issues such as IBS, a weak immune system, torn muscles and arthritis. Naturally, no healing stone should ever be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. However, when you delve into spiritual side of tourmaline, it can act as a complement to traditional forms of medicine.


In the world of crystal healing, tourmaline can sometimes be overlooked. Even though it comes in an array of colours, black stones tend to dominate. Given that many people shy away from black due to its negative connotations, this often means Healers don’t have this potentially powerful crystal in their collection. However, if you really look at tourmaline and the positive energy its black tones have, you’ll see that it’s a stone worth having. Whether you’re suffering from confidence issues or you simply want a greater connection with the earth, black tourmaline healing crystals are fantastic.


Published: 23 April 2019

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