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Topaz Stone Meaning and Properties


The topaz stone is the birthstone for November, with its properties used to relax both body and mind. Having energy in the right place at the right time is one of life's great battles, but ancient and modern societies have found the topaz gemstone to be the perfect guide.


Many may have wondered what colour the topaz stone is, as topaz isn't closely associated with certain shades as the other birthstones. The topaz gemstone is available in many colours, although many seek the Imperial Topaz shade. This versatility has made topaz appealing to a wide variety of people, from those trying to improve their quality of meditation to those trying to live with a more open spirit.  



Topaz Stone Meaning


Despite its variety in colour, different cultures have found the same meaning in the topaz stone. The themes of heat, sun and fire are common in ancient interpretations of the topaz gemstone. The topaz meaning in Hinduism is one of heat, with the stone used to replenish a person’s essence. Ancient Romans and Egyptians believed that golden topaz would be granted power by the sun god to heal and protect the wearer. It is no surprise that many people believe the name ‘topaz’ was derived from ‘tapas’, the Sanskrit term for ‘heat’. 


Often, people associate a gemstone with a specific colour, with certain gems giving their name to their own shade of colour (think aquamarine or turquoise). However, many may have pondered this question: just what colour is topaz? A topaz gemstone could be found in yellow, blue, red, pink or even no colour at all. Many who are looking for their November birthstone seek the Imperial Topaz shade, a dazzling orange complemented by pink undertones. 


That each colour comes with a distinctive set of properties have made topaz one of the most popular gemstones, as it gives the owner the chance to align their topaz gemstone with their personality. For example, blue topaz is linked to clarity of the mind, pink topaz carries connotations of hope, and clear topaz reveals a spirit’s openness to the world.


Topaz Stone Healing Properties


The topaz gemstone is all about rejuvenating both the mind and the body. The mystic topaz meaning reveals that many have used the stone to channel energy to where it is most needed. Its soothing qualities allow topaz to release tension, emotionally and physically. A healthy body and a healthy mind are very closely linked. Topaz can assist the discovery of inner fulfilment, with the peace within providing a better platform for good health overall.


If the mind is tired, topaz can work against feelings of stress or anxiety. When you worry, your emotions are pushed to an extreme. The mystic topaz meaning suggests that the stone can be used to restore balance, pulling emotions back from their extreme levels. This can help to calm nerves. Taking the time to pay attention to your own emotional needs is vital to creating a healthy mind. When stress is high, that time for self-care feels limited. If topaz can reduce that level of stress and tension, there will be more time to think about what makes you happy rather than to fight against what makes you worry.


It may be that your mind is raring to go, but your muscles are fatigued. Those carrying a topaz gemstone may find a restoration of their energy equilibrium, which brings a renewed sense of vigour and purpose. Topaz is also used to aid the stimulation of the metabolism. A boosted metabolism can be extremely useful in maintaining an overall healthy body. The close links between the mind and the body caused Ancient Romans to declare that topaz can help regulate your heartbeat. Given the potential for topaz to reduce stress, it is no surprise that the Romans made this correlation.


Alternative Uses for Topaz Stone


One traditional use of topaz is as a talisman to guide the wearer away from accident and danger, making a topaz gemstone the ideal travelling companion. It is said that a traveller carrying a topaz stone is less likely to fall victim to feelings of homesickness and fear. This ties into the Hindu mystic topaz meaning, which suggests the notion that a topaz pendant could keep the wearer safe from hidden traps and threats.


Given its potential to bring inner peace and calmer sleep, you won't be surprised to learn that topaz is a great asset to more effective meditation. Topaz’s ability to guide the process of self-realisation gives this stone meditative strength. The capacity for a topaz gemstone to enhance levels of relaxation, both physically and emotionally, is a real benefit in the art of meditation. Some African healing rituals use topaz as a guide to connect with ancestors, highlighting the further spiritual potential of this gemstone. 


If you're feeling rushed off your feet by work or too full of worry to meditate effectively, topaz could be the gemstone you're looking for. Think carefully about what colour is the topaz stone you need, but the great thing about the topaz gemstone is that there's a colour out there for everyone. Finding inner peace is easier said than done, but the relaxing qualities and attractive shine of the topaz stone could be your guiding light. 


Published: 10 April 2019

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