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Tiger Eye Meaning and Properties


Tiger Eye is one of the most ancient of gemstones and has been heralded across centuries for its balancing and positive energy. Named for its golden and dark brown stripes and all-seeing 'eye', Tiger Eye is possibly the most important stone to have in your pocket. 


Tiger Eye might look like a gooey caramel candy, but this ancient gemstone holds many interesting meanings and properties. If you're looking for a new gemstone for your collection, Tiger Eye is believed to ward off the evil eye and help you think with clarity. For those suffering from anxieties, Tiger Eye might help to calm the mind and allow you to find some serenity. For those suffering from a lack of virility or fertility, the Tiger's Eye healing properties are not limited to just the mind, but are also said to support your reproductive system. 


It is no wonder that Tiger Eye is the stone of Gemini (May 21st - June 21st), as the whimsical Gemini is known to be fun and outgoing. But this whimsy is often at the expense of making suitable decisions, and when the Gemini is not the centre of the party, it can feel lonely and disappointing. Tiger Eye is the ideal companion for a Gemini, simply for its purported properties as a guardian and balancer of moods. It can help the Gemini to make better social decisions and find clarity around the noise of a busy social life, ensuring that the Gemini is not burning the candle at both ends, but maintaining a bright and constant flame for all parts of life. 



Tiger Eye Stone Meaning


The stone gets its colour from three different compounds: Tiger's Eye, red jasper and black haematite, which give the stone its interesting ripple effect. Rare types of Tiger Eye, found in Australia, contain shades of green, red and blue. The ripple effect strongly resembles that of the majestic tiger, which suits this all-knowing stone's mythical properties. 


In some parts of the world, it is still believed to ward off the 'evil eye'. Originating in Jewish mythology and still a huge part of culture in South Africa and the Middle East, the 'evil eye' is a glance believed to cause harm to a person. It was originally believed that those who receive too much praise are threatened by the wrath of the evil eye, which ensures that they are not destroyed by their own pride. Tiger Eye is used as an antidote to this threat, warding off the evil eye and protecting the wearer at every move. 


Tiger's Eye Healing Properties


Due to its reputation as a clarity stone, the Tiger's Eye is thought to be useful to those suffering from negative thoughts and emotions. It is said to bring balance, ridding the wearer of toxic thoughts and allowing them to think with positivity. This balance can help you to see your true desires, clearing the mind of anything which might obstruct you from your goals. 


Tiger Eye is believed to improve virility, and, when it comes to the time of welcoming another into your home, Tiger Eye is also thought to improve fertility, stimulating blood flow throughout the endocrine system. 


The Tiger's Eye stone benefits are not just limited to the lower half of the body. Placing a Tiger Eye stone on either side of the head can energetically rebalance the brain. Tiger Eye is thought to hold the power of the sun, and could be useful to those who suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder and experience a low mood in winter months.


Tiger Eye Other Uses


Use Tiger Eye when you're facing tough questions and need to make a decision quickly, or wear it when you're facing unfamiliar situations. It could be useful for work situations or facing your boss. Use Tiger Eye to remain balanced and keep your head cool when faced with stress, and to keep motivated when you have a big project. 


If you're changing your lifestyle – for instance, starting a new diet, Tiger Eye could keep you from falling back on the easy choice and reaching for a cupcake. The clarity brought by Tiger Eye could help you to reassess your lifestyle choices and make healthier choices. If you're in the process of quitting smoking, it could be of use in moments of craving. 


Those going through a breakup may use Tiger Eye to find strength and clarity when moving on from a partner, as it could reduce feelings of anxiety or isolation. Wear the stone as a reminder of your self-assurance and self-actualisation. 


Much like its namesake, the Tiger Eye is one of the most majestic gemstones, and its powerful properties make it a must-have for those who believe in the importance of healing stones. If you are going to have just one gemstone, you should choose Tiger Eye, simply to benefit from these many powers.


Published: 23 April 2019

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