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The Throat Chakra


The throat chakra allows us to freely express ourselves and to speak our truth, but what is the throat chakra meaning and what happens when there is a blocked throat chakra?


The throat chakra is located in the neck and is the 5th chakra, of the seven main chakras of the body. Its Sanskrit name is Vishuddha and although it is the 5th chakra, it is also the first of the spiritual chakras on the chakra ladder of the body. The throat chakra helps us to communicate and is the voice that assists us to speak out about our emotions and our beliefs.
The main test that the Vishuddha may face is negative thinking and doubt…





The throat chakra guides us to speak our truth, to express ourselves with integrity and to show our originality with no fear. When the throat chakra is balanced, we can easily express what we think and how we feel, without any doubt or negative thinking. It is the regulator of the other chakras, allowing the energy to flow throughout. If the 5th chakra is blocked, it can affect not only the balance of the throat chakra, but the flow of energy with the other chakras. The main test that the Vishuddha may face is negative thinking and doubt, but through techniques such as throat chakra meditation, negative thinking can be banished as we reconnect with our truth and knowledge. The throat chakra meaning and the most important part of the throat chakra, is the energy of seeking knowledge, open to acceptance and the inner truth.





The throat chakra is the communicator of freedom and truth. Activities such as singing and chanting will help to release tension in the throat chakra which may have developed from fear of self-expression and freedom of speech. Using methods such as throat chakra meditation, enables you to release a blocked throat chakra and balance the energy. Throat chakra meditation teaches us to focus on the area, activating the 5th chakra helping us to express ourselves and communicate with others. Throat chakra meditation is usually done by the guide of a Reiki practitioner, teaching you to focus on the throat chakra and to visualise a healing sapphire blue light which is the colour associated with this chakra.
You may find yourself lying to people, whether intentional or not…




A blocked throat chakra is when there is an imbalance of energy in the chakra. It can significantly affect the way in which you communicate with the outside world and it will give you physical symptoms such as a sore throat, a stiff neck, a tight jaw, headaches or tension in your neck or shoulders. When it is out of balance, it will also affect you in your behaviour which is the spiritual energy within:

LYING - You may find yourself lying to people, whether intentional or not, you can’t seem to just speak the truth.

TRUST - You may find it difficult to trust people or have doubts and fears about others intentions, no matter who they are in your life.

EXPRESSION - You may find it particularly difficult to express yourself vocally and may even find yourself stammering over your words.

MISUNDERSTOOD – You may find that you feel nobody understands you, feeling alone or isolated. You may find that you have become stubborner than normal, unaccepting of others opinions, unwilling to listen.

ANTISOCIAL – You may find that you tend to shy away from socialising or spending time with people outside of your normal environment. The thought of speaking to people you may not know, may make you feel very anxious. Detachment is quite common in people with a blocked throat chakra.

CONTROLLING – Arrogance, manipulation and dominance can affect close relationships. Insecurity may play a large part in changing your behaviour towards others.

In a spiritual sense, you may hear songs, voices or noises that nobody around you can hear..





Using a method such as throat chakra meditation, will remove blockages and thus allow the energy to freely flow. During throat chakra meditation, you may experience throat chakra opening symptoms which indicate that you are releasing blockages and assisting the energy to flow. Speaking profusely and quickly, or spontaneously singing are both throat chakra opening symptoms. In a spiritual sense, you may hear songs, voices or noises that nobody around you can hear. You may feel that you can sense the inner thoughts of others in a somewhat telepathic way, and words may suddenly feel like they have a much more powerful meaning, almost hearing the vibrations of each vowel. Releasing a blocked throat chakra can be a wonderful experience and allows you to return to a feeling of speaking without fear, being true to yourself and having no need to control others or feel misunderstood.



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PUBLISHED: 4 July 2016

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