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What is the Third Eye Chakra?


Third eye meditation assists in opening the third eye chakra, unlocking our intuition and connecting us to spiritual enlightenment.

The third eye chakra, also known as the ‘mind’s eye’ or 'Ajna'', is referred to as the invisible eye and is one of the most important chakras. Its Sanskrit name is ‘Anja’ meaning a psychic sense of being able to see the spiritual world or another dimension giving perception beyond ordinary sight. The third eye is located in the centre of the forehead, between and above the eyebrows and is the 6th chakra. It’s the centre of higher intuition, linked with psychic abilities, clairvoyance and spiritual enlightenment. It helps us to purify any negativity within ourselves and awaken our senses so that we can manifest our dreams. People who have a developed mind’s eye are able to sense the unknown, see visions or images, and use their psychic skills to convey a message.
Developing your third eye opens up your sixth sense and allows any spiritual guidance to be received in a clearer way…





The third eye chakra is one of the most important chakras. We have seven major chakras but the third eye chakra enables us to experience spiritual enlightenment and perceive things that physical sight cannot do. The third eye chakra meaning is believed to help us to tune in to our higher selves, and is present to help us to learn about the power of the mind. The 6th chakra connects us directly to the universe, giving us the willpower and energetic vibration to achieve whatever we want. It connects to mindfulness, intuition, intellect, wisdom and clarity. The third eye is the colour of purple, the colour often believed to be the most psychic and spiritually linked energetically. To develop your third eye chakra meaning you will open up your sixth sense and allow any spiritual guidance to be received in a clearer way.
When the third eye is open, people feel more in touch with their daily lives…




Opening the third eye should always be done with caution and with guidance from an expert or someone who is knowledgeable in third eye chakra meditation and healing. Practising third eye chakra meditation will eventually remove any blockages in your chakras and enable you to develop your senses, opening the third eye chakra. When the third eye is open, people feel more in touch with their daily lives, strongly connecting them to themselves, those around them, spirituality and nature. Third eye meditation helps you to feel empowered so that you can get back in control of your life, making you more spiritually aware or ‘awake’ so that you can make conscious decisions for yourself and others around you. Opening the third eye or practising third eye chakra meditation will often result in opening up your Psychic senses, so life will be experienced in a different way and with a greater awareness.
Meditation helps to activate the third eye…




Third eye meditation is carried out by stimulating and opening up the third chakra but it can take some practice before you start to establish opening the third eye. It is important for people to understand that they should not carry out third eye meditation unless they want to experience psychic and spiritual awareness, and even then, it is important that it is something that is done with respect. Third eye chakra meditation can often result in third eye chakra opening symptoms, especially if you have a blocked third eye chakra. These symptoms may give you the spaced out feeling or having headaches. Meditation helps to activate the third eye, opening up a realm of possible experiences which of course can be enlightening, wonderful and interesting – but also sometimes quite unusual. Third eye chakra opening symptoms will be felt more especially if have a blocked third eye chakra. If the third eye chakra is blocked then a person may lack empathy, be insensitive to others, have poor vision and memory, lack imagination and often be in denial over their behaviour.
Quietening the body, the soul and the mind, and connecting with our spiritual self encourages the opening of the third eye…





Reiki healing is used to balance the chakras and therefore can be used to heal the 6th chakra, especially if there are blockages. There are a few different types of therapies that can help to develop the third eye, including some self-help ways of healing the third eye:
MEDITATION – Quietening the body, the soul and the mind, and connecting with our spiritual self encourages the opening of the third eye.

VISUALISATION – Visualisation and manifestation helps us to connect with our higher energy, asking the universe to provide what we need.

DREAM ANALYSIS – Write down your dreams or keep a dream diary and see if any of your dreams relate to your awakened life or come true.

– This should not be attempted at home and only carried out by a professional expert, often also available through Reiki Healers.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION THERAPY – Connecting with past lives helps us to remove third eye blockages and connect with our soul.

– Drawing, painting and colouring opens up the third eye.



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PUBLISHED: 18th July 2016

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