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The Power Of The Sun


Without the Sun we would not survive. Its magnificent, powerful rays bring life and abundance to our planet. On a spiritual and astrological level the sun represents our own primal fire and who we are learning to be. It is associated with life, health and healing.


Looking at our energy centers or our chakra system the sun corresponds to our solar plexus, our place of personal power, self image and ego. Solar energy enables you to centre your own power and breathe new life into any challenging situation. The sun is also connected to the heart chakra, as the heart pumps blood throughout the body, the sun gives light and life to us. 
We take it for granted the sun will rise and set every day. It gives us so much more than a tan! Vitamin D deficiencies can lead to memory loss, an increased link of dementia and schizophrenia. Women are more likely to develop SAD (seasonal affective disorder), absorb those rays ladies!
Avoiding daylight can also affect the immune system. Being out in the sunshine can prevent obesity because the sun provides us with Nitric Oxide, this chemical regulates our metabolism and ensures it runs smoothly and discourages over eating.
Too much time on social media and playing games on your laptop at night disrupts the natural rhythm of the body and leads to insomnia. More time outside in sunlight is a natural magical boost that can recharge and adjust your body clock to its optimum.

Worshippers of Sun

Our ancestors were more in awe of the power of the Sun and incorporated its power into their gods. The Egyptians worshipped more than one god of the sun and had several gods associated with it. Khepri for the rising sun, Atum for the setting and Ra at noon. The Greeks made Apollo their Sun God. For the Greeks he epitomized youth, healing, prophecy, light and truth, he raced through the skies in a four horse drawn chariot. Closer to home the Celtic god Belenos  (fair shining one) was one of the most ancient and widely worshipped sun gods. He is associated with the ancient fire festival and the modern Sabbat Beltane. In Britain, Stonehenge had a deep connection with the Summer solstice. The solstice occurs the instant the Sun reaches it’s most northerly point on the celestial sphere, the imaginary sphere of stars surrounding Earth. 

Try the magical ritual

To rebalance your life and bring success why not try this magical ritual. Before embarking on the ritual focus on what you want to bring in to your life. It could be business success, financial abundance or better health. Go outside in the early morning light and visualize that your feet are anchored to the ground. . Feel roots growing from the soles of your feet to the core of the Earth. Don’t look directly at the Sun. Lift up your arms to the Sun as if you are cupping its energy in your hands. Feel the suns energy run down from your fingers, flowing through your arms and into your heart. Focus and believe that every dream that you desire has manifested. Keep that belief flowing through your heart for 18 seconds and thank the Sun gods for helping you. This can be done as often as you feel is right for you. Sunday is a particularly good day for this ritual.
Some of the best memories are sun drenched summers on the beach, building sandcastles and feeling hot golden sand between our toes. Why not get out in to the sunshine and embrace a carefree sunny day.  Embrace the energy of the sun and make your dreams come true. 
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