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The New Beginning: Change your destiny this Christmas


Festivities and parties aside, Christmas is a good time for reflection before the New Year begins. Try to put aside some time for yourself, take yourself out for a country walk and do some positive thinking about what you truly desire in life, and the steps you can take to achieve this.


You might not think it, but you have the power to get what you want simply by believing it can be yours. Sherron Mayes shows you how!


Believe in your Imagination


Imagine you could change fate? Imagine you could increase your income by seeing more money in the bank, attract more friends by visualizing yourself surrounded with pals. Well, it's all possible.

Just look at the people that seem to just have it all: fame, good fortune, good looks, money.
Do you ever wonder why them and not me? Wouldn't you love to go on exciting holidays, or feel excited about all the good friends you have or your new attractive lover?

The truth is that the only difference between you and that wonderful abundant lifestyle is down to one thing and one thing only - your thoughts and the energy they emit, which when repeated become beliefs! And all you need to experience life differently is to shift your perceptions and thought patterns.

"I once dated a man called Lewis, who was a lecturer. He was everything I wanted except he never took me out to dinner. So for 10 minutes every morning and every evening, I imagined us in a small Italian restaurant holding hands. By the end of the week, I knocked at Lewis's door, having made an arrangement to go over there for another night in front of the telly. But this time when he opened the door, he said, 'Hi you, I've booked us a table at a restaurant tonight'. This was so unlike him but what was even more amazing was that when we got to the restaurant it was just like the one I'd visualized. I smiled to myself thinking, "Wow, I've made a different event happen by changing the outcome in my beliefs."


It's easy to change your future!


Just remember these points and you'll see how easy it is to change your future:

1.    One single thought charged with emotion is more powerful than an electric battery
2.    We are all connected
3.    What you believe to be true affects what you create in your life
4.    Nothing is set in stone - most events can be changed

Changing your destiny can be explained in terms of simple science. Thanks to Albert Einstein, we all know that the universe and our bodies are made of ever-changing fields of energy, which interact with each other. Einstein proved that by just observing molecules in their smallest form their structure would change according to whatever the observer expected to see.

All this means is that our beliefs have the power to change the flow of events in our lives. We have the power to take responsibility for everything that happens to us, whether that's better health, earning more money, having better relationships. It's all down to what we believe about ourselves and our world.

So, this Christmas, banish the mindset that we are all victims in this life and have to make do with what comes our way. See yourself as a powerful supernatural being with capabilities beyond your wildest dreams. Start today by looking at what you wish for, what you believe about yourself and life. Change the negatives to positive and start creating your miracles!

Our readers can help

If you have trouble visualizing what you want out of life, our readers can help. They’ll take you through some simple steps on the telephone and give you some techniques which you'll soon have the confidence to use yourself.

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