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How to Talk to People in Spirit


Talking to people in spirit is natural and normal. There are many misconceptions and prejudices that play in to our fear and insecurities. These have been encouraged by ignorance or as a form of control by various religions. Anyone can communicate with their loved ones; it just takes time and patience to develop strong psychic antennae. Do your homework by learning about chakras, your aura and how to ground and protect.


Let me reassure you that if you open yourself psychically you are not doomed to eternal damnation or talking to Satan. Send the intention out to the Universe and the spirit world that you would like to open up and receive messages from them.


Meditation - Best ways to meditate


Meditation is absolutely key to making a connection with the spirit world. It clears the brain of our daily meaningless mind junk so that higher forces can work with us. Get comfortable in a chair, make sure the spine is straight and breathe in and out slowly three times.  Ground and protect yourself. Relax all the muscles in your body. Close your eyes and breathe in white light as many times as feels right. When ready, open the chakras and expand your aura. Stay open and accepting, breathe in positivity and love, really feel it.


Please don’t meditate for hours in an uncomfortable position. Not only will it play havoc with your circulation, it will be a disincentive to make it a daily practice. Fifteen to thirty minutes should be enough to increase your sensitivity to spirit.  

When you have  practiced meditation for a while you will feel more open and clear. Mentally ask your spirit guide to help feel spirit around you, always making sure that you are grounded and protected. Don’t expect to have really clear messages instantly. You may notice subtle differences for example the room temperature may drop, slight pressure may increase around your head and face. Many people feel spirit around their right shoulder and may get goose bumps.

There is nothing wrong with trying to connect with a specific loved one in spirit.  They are normally around people that they love most of the time so don’t feel you are intruding. Visualize the face of the person you would love to contact and ask them to draw near. Be patient and expect anything from a telepathic message to a picture of them.
Spirit messages are delivered faster than the normal thought process. Don’t question or overanalyze the messages, keep practicing and take comfort, your loved ones have an unbreakable bond with you.

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