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Sunstone Crystal Meaning and Properties


The sunstone is bursting with the energy of the Ancient Egyptian sun god, Ra. Out of all of the healing crystals at your disposal, this is the one you want when you most need light in your life.


The sunlight harnessed within these gorgeous stones has many purposes. Just as the sun in the sky does, the sunstone can enlighten, enliven, and cleanse the wearer, whose chakra will be blessed with the radiant energy harnessed within. The sunstone is a relatively recent discovery in the world of minerals, with its popularity as a healing crystal exploding in the past few years. Whether you are in search of enlightenment, good fortune or success, the sunstone crystal can provide you with the resources you need to attain it.



Sunstone Meaning


Let us begin by laying out what a sunstone actually is, for those who haven't heard of it. Sunstone is a form of feldspar, a family of rock formations that constitute about half of the Earth's crust. Despite this, there is nothing common or unremarkable about the sunstone. The crystal can be found in a number of locations around the world, with the largest deposits existing in Norway, Russia, the US and India. Before major deposits of sunstone crystals were discovered in the late 18th century, it was known as a rare and extremely expensive gem. 


Much of its history as a sacred stone with spiritual properties belong to before this era when Native American tribes held control over much of North America. According to various Native American legends, its properties were first discovered when a great warrior was wounded in battle, causing his blood to pour over a field of the now-famous type of sunstone known as Oregon sunstone. As the blood flowed, his warrior spirit travelled with it, becoming trapped inside the sunstones and giving them their distinctive red hue. To this day, Oregon sunstone remains in high demand, as people across the world hope to harness some of that warrior spirit in their lives.


Of course, there are plenty of other varieties of sunstone, available in every colour of the sun, from fiery orange to blissful yellow. As mentioned, the primary sunstone meaning is one of energy and reinvigoration, but there are other meanings and uses attributed to the most powerful of stones. The bright colours and glittery gold flicks on the surface represent innocence and optimism. This is why those wishing to let go of past traumas or embrace a simpler, more spiritual way of living, are heavily drawn to the allure of the sunstone.



Sunstone Healing Properties


Are you filled with fiery passions or strong feelings for which you have no outlet? If so, the sunstone crystal may provide the spiritual and emotional healing that you seek. One of the most common applications of sunstone crystals is as a remedy for negative or mysterious dreams. A common dream that sunstone users experience is the "red sun dream", wherein they are confronted by a furious red sunset. The red sun spiritual meaning is complex, but it generally indicates an upcoming challenge or a sense of emotion or powerful passion within the dreamer. People experiencing this should opt for a red sunstone, which will help channel their emotions and energy into the outlet it was meant to be used for, whether that's their career, love life, or personal journey.


The sunstone is also known to bring good luck to the wearer, as the radiant energy of the sun attracts positive energy towards it. Unlike other lucky gemstones, the fortune of the sunstone is not a general kind of good luck, but rather a highly focused and specific kind. Therefore, a wearer hoping to tap into this good luck should only do so if it is needed for a specific purpose which requires a focused beam of energy, such as an upcoming job promotion or a much-needed influx of wealth. Additionally, the sunstone brings purifying light to the wearer. Those suffering from depression, guilt, or lethargy are strongly recommended to opt for sunstones over other crystals, as they will light up your heart chakra and banish the demons taking hold of it. 


Other Uses of the Sunstone Crystal


Beyond its use as a spiritual sunscreen and cleansing healer, the humble sunstone has found a number of interesting uses in societies around the world. In the ancient Viking societies of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, the sunstone was commonly used as a form of currency, with food, weapons, and building materials being bartered with it. Its used in Native American tribes is also well-documented, where it was also considered a precious gem, occasionally finding use as currency. 


These days, the sunstone is stepping out of decades of obscurity to become a highly sought-after type of jewellery. Darker colours indicate purity and therefore fetch much higher prices, averaging at around $50 per carat which, although nowhere near the prices obtained by precious stones like diamonds, still indicates that these stones are once again becoming a valued commodity. 


The sunstone meaning and appeal comes from its simplicity and purity. It comes without the historical baggage of many other precious stones and is accessible to everyone. The power of the sun provides wearers with energy, clarity, focus, and fortune, which is why anyone in need of these qualities in their physical or spiritual life should consider a sunstone of their very own.


Published: 10 April 2019

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