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Spring Into Action


Spiritually, winter is an inward turning energy. It is a time for introspection, keeping warm and being nourished physically and mentally. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year. It is also an invitation to slow down and take time for ourselves. At New Year we mentally plant our seeds of hope and achievement.


Winter can, however, be depressing due to the lack of sunshine, biting cold and being stuck indoors. Not surprisingly, many of us allow our grumpy side to come out to play as the nights draw in. For some winter dominates their whole being. They cannot feel spring’s promise when all around is frozen and cold. Some of us feel stuck in the old and unable to be in sync with the new season.

At the first suggestion of warmth in the air, spring brings with it a feeling of rebirth and hope. Harnessing the power of spring now will make your year rewarding on every level. Following these steps and being more in the touch with the magical flow of creation will help:

•    Allow time alone to meditate. Visualize a bright yellow light entering the top of your head and flowing to every part of your body giving you energy and inspiration.

•    Then write a list of your cherished dreams and ambitions. Imagine each dream you have as a seed and mentally plant it in your mind. See each seed flourishing as you water it every day with positivity.

•    Spend at least half an hour every day in March outside and work those muscles! Physical exercise can knock winter blues out of your system. If possible get a holiday away in the sun for a week.

•    If you feel sluggish and out of sorts wake yourself up earlier than normal and make more of the day. Activity is the enemy of depression as is spring sunshine.

•    When you have a reading with one of our psychics ask them how close you are to achieving your goals this spring.

•    If you have a pack of Tarot cards dig out the Aces. Each Ace represents the elements of possibility and growth. Harness the power of each card to crank up your dreams. Look at each card and notice the detail in each one. Step into them and daydream.

•    The Ace of Cups is a focus for emotional happiness. Use the Ace of Wands to increase focus and energy. The energy of the Ace of Swords will increase mental capacity. The Ace of Pentacles is great for manifesting security and financial abundance. Keep the Aces with you

•    Make your goals a physical reality by working on them. Make yourself achieve a goal every day. Making a checklist and ticking off a completed task will make you feel so much better

•    The Spring Equinox is particularly powerful this year, use its energy to warp speed your life.

•    Plant seeds and flowers on this day. Allow the earth to take away negativity and feel prosperity and abundance to flow through your veins.

Our psychics at TheCircle are ready to inspire you, to help you grow spiritually and guide you to your destined path. Call a Reader today and let them help you gain your full potential this spring.

PUBLISHED: 26 February 2015

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