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The Magical Time of the Spring Equinox


The 1st day of spring marks the spring equinox, a time of renewed passion, transformation and rebirth.


This year on the 20th March at 04.30am GMT, the sun shines directly on the equator. This day is the 1st day of spring on our calendar and known as the spring equinox. So what is the spring equinox? The spring equinox happens usually within 3 days every year, the 19th, 20th, 21st of March, where the sun crosses what is called the ‘celestial equator ‘, an imaginary line above the earth’s equator, from south to north. A solstice and an equinox are opposite on either side of the equator. The equinox in March is known as the ‘Spring Equinox’ in the northern hemisphere and as the ‘Autumn Equinox’ in the southern hemisphere.

It often feels like we have come out of hibernation and woken up to the sun…


As the March equinox is the 1st day of spring, it is often celebrated for bringing new life and rebirth. Many cultures celebrate spring festivals and religious beliefs with holidays around the March equinox – Easter and Passover. At this time of year, we feel liberated as signs of spring beckon the coming summer sun. We see the leaves appearing on the trees, buds springing to life, daffodils and spring flowers blossoming our gardens. It often feels like we have come out of hibernation and woken up to the sun, a time of blessing our lives with energy and warmth. There is certainly a feeling of rejuvenation as we spend more time outside and absorb the glowing vitamin D from the sun. The solstice is a natural seasonal cycle which is often seen in a spiritual way. It is believed that we can connect our soul to the energies of mother nature which encourages us, to transform our lives.

Most of us feel a shift of energy during this time…


What is the spring equinox and how can it have an effect on us? Most of us feel a shift of energy during this time. The sun symbolises light and darkness and although the seasons are a cycle, continual and ever changing, the spring equinox signifies light and rebirth. It is no surprise that in ancient times, people would perform rituals at the spring equinox, cleansing their homes, themselves and their loved ones to be rid of old energy and bring in the new. In fact, the process of spring cleaning our homes is derived from these ancient times, where we want to cleanse the energy in our home and also within us. People feel more positive during this time because it gives us a sense of renewal, an encouragement to change certain aspects of our life and the feeling that we need to push forward with new things.


Use this special time of year to make important changes in your life. Renew your passion on things that you may have neglected, throw out what you no longer need, or make some big decisions about your life:

  • Relationships – are you really happy in your relationship or do you feel that you would be happier moving on? Living with a negative relationship for a long time is not good for us.
  • De-clutter! – through winter we seem to build up clutter as some of us go in to our hoarding and hibernating modes. Throw out what you don’t need, create more space and light in your home.
  • Change of scene – are you happy living where you are? If not, is there something that you can do about it? Perhaps you need to take a leap of faith and make a move to somewhere new, whether it’s a new house or a new area!
  • Take a break – look at your calendar and ask yourself when was the last time you got away? Whether it’s an overnight stay with your partner, a weekend away or a holiday, this is the perfect time of year to get away, relax and revive yourself.
  • Transform yourself! Winter can make us feel tired and sometimes sees us stuck in the same old routine. Transform yourself by throwing out old clothes and replenishing your wardrobe with nice bright summer clothes. Wearing bright colors’ is actually good for our souls, inviting healing energy and vigor back into our lives.
  • Breathe in the fresh air – the winter blues are long gone, especially if you can get out and embrace the fresh air in the sun. Go for a daily walk, do some gardening or enroll in an outdoor sport – doing something energetic in the fresh air gets the endorphins going and will make you feel revitalized.


Put a note on your calendar to mark the 1st day of spring. Think about what you want to change, what you hope to do and countdown on the calendar to when you are going to start transforming your life. Giving yourself goals and relight the sedentary fire that has been smoldering slowly through the winter. Write down your passions and choose at least two that will help you focus on transforming your life. We all want to feel more energetic and we often all want to change certain elements in our life. Take this opportunity at the time of the spring equinox - what are you waiting for!

PUBLISHED: 11 March 2016

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