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Spring Clean Your Life


Spring is on the horizon and you want to breathe it into your life!  This is such a good time to get rid of everything that’s past its sell-by date, emotionally and practically.  Let the growing light empower you to get control and move on.


A cluttered home leads to difficulty in concentration.  It also wastes time, as you take ages to dig out what you need – that’s if you can find it at all!  What’s the use of stuff you don’t use?  If it’s hard to throw things out, ask yourself who’s boss, you or that old rubbish?  Space is also a ‘possession’, and much more valuable.  Here are some tips:
*  Schedule a time to start your de-clutter and promise yourself a reward when you’ve finished.
*  If you think this is going to be hard, get support from a helpful friend.
*  Have three bags for three types of things; 1 Rubbish, 2 Charity Shop, 3 Store out of the way.  You will also have a pile of things you are keeping.  Bags 1 & 2 should be the biggest.
*  Take it in bite size pieces, so you don’t run out of steam.  Have a manageable daily target of one shelf, one drawer etc.
*  Get rid of the bags quickly so you don’t change your mind.
*  Apply the rule if you’ve not worn or used something for two years you don’t need it.
Cleaning is part of home-making and not to be sneered at.  Be a Domestic Deity and banish grime.  Set yourself manageable standards – you’re not going to look behind the fridge!  When you’re satisfied that your home is physically clean, do this on the psychic level also.  Kit out a tray with a bowl of water, a bowl of salt, a lavender joss stick, a candle and a duster.  In each room open the window and wave the duster, imagining grey wisps of negativity and old issues being swept out.  Close the window and take the joss stick around the room, clockwise, saying ‘Be blessed by Air’.  Then the candle saying ‘Be blessed by Fire’, followed by the water which you can sprinkle saying ‘Be blessed by Water.’  Finally sprinkle the salt saying ‘Be blessed by Earth.’ When you have completed this task, bless your front door in the same way and ask the Great Mother to protect you this Spring.
While doing the above activities, affirm that you are cleansing your spirit also.  As you throw out the trash and clear the dirt, imagine that you are doing the same thing inwardly – getting rid of all the bad feelings that have gathered over the winter.  You might even like to name an especially lumpy bag after a particular emotion, such as loss, loneliness or depression.  Pour all your negative feelings into something that holds bad memories and enjoy throwing it out.  As the dust-cart takes it away, so your spirit is freed.  Imagine a bright light above your head, shining down through you like a psychic shower, deep-cleansing your subtle body.  Se yourself as glowing, new and open to amazing things, just as the Spring soil is ready for vibrant, magical new growth. 
Getting rid of the unwanted may not be easy.  Sometimes all the strategies don’t seem to work, and you can’t seem to move on. That’s one of the many reasons we¹re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to become stronger and more decisive.  Put in a call today and be encouraged and supported.
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