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Most of us smile when we’re happy – you just can’t help it!  But a smile can also be a very powerful thing.  You can choose to smile, and that will make a big difference in your life.  Why not give it a try?

Find out about:
•    Making yourself feel better
•    Smiling is catching!
•    It’s great for your relationship
•    Smiling brings success
•    Smiling boosts your health
•    Positive thinking comes with a smile
•    Practice your smile




When you feel down your face falls and you may frown.  That’s a reaction to your emotions.  But your physical behaviour can also change your mood.  Scientists call this ‘feedback response’.  Actually making yourself smile can cheer you up!

Forcing a smile doesn’t mean you deny or repress your emotions.  You can acknowledge that you feel sad or worried, yet choose to smile because it will do you good.  The mere act of smiling lowers stress levels and slows your heart rate.  So next time you’re down, try grinning – it could make an amazing difference!




When you smile at people they usually smile back.  There’s something about a smiling face that causes most people to mirror it.  Then they feel better, and you feel better and you’re on an upward spiral.

Soon a whole crowd of people may be smiling, and then smiling becomes a magical epidemic that’s very hard to put down.. Everyone feels better, achieves more and is kinder to each other.  It’s almost impossible to glower when you’re looking at a smiling face.  Quite possibly smiles are a large part of the answer to global troubles.  So do your bit for world peace by smiling as much as you can and feeling good about yourself.




Of course you can’t always go around with a silly grin on your face, or make like a clown with a painted smile.  A forced smile when your partner is upset is not going to be empathic, or show understanding.  Likewise with inappropriate jokes, which may just irritate your dear one if they are troubled.

Having said this, however, frequent smiling is very good for your relationship.  Couples that regularly smile broadly at each other are much more likely to stay together than those with long faces. So, after you’ve talked through troublesome issues, given support and/or reached understanding, don’t forget to smile and coax the same out of your lover.




As long as it’s appropriate to the situation, smiling can make you successful.  If you are in any kind of negotiation, trying to close a deal or in an interview, lots of smiles make you appear trustworthy, open and competent.

A smile not only denotes happiness.  It also suggests confidence and a relaxed attitude.  People believe they can rely on you, and that you’re kind and caring.  Certainly if you’re on the pull, smiling is essential.




Smiling stops you looking tired and drawn, but the effects aren’t just external.  Your immune system receives a boost and your body relaxes.  We all know that releasing tension is good for you and frequent smiles can help you fight off colds.  Long-term they are also good for keeping the other major degenerative diseases at bay.  You may regularly go to the gym, or out running, but how often do you exercise your face with a beaming grin?




You just can’t have a negative thought while you’re smiling.  Try it.  Smile and then think of a bad experience while keeping your smile.  Probably you will find this almost impossible.  Smiling helps your brain hold on to optimistic thoughts.  Once you get in the habit of this you’ll become happier and happier.




Has looking miserable become a habit?  Maybe you often feel life is unhappy and it shows in your face.  Possibly you are afraid that if you look too happy others will take advantage of you, will think they can get away with things or think you’ve forgotten some ill-treatment.  Maybe you use a glowering expression to punish or intimidate other people, or maybe you look sad because you long for someone to cheer you up.  If you are insecure and struggling all of this is understandable, but it doesn’t work!

Decide instead that you will project happiness and serenity. Start the day by smiling as you make your morning cuppa.  Smile at yourself in the mirror.  Set yourself a target of making six people smile each morning, by smiling at them first.  Make yourself a promise that when something small goes wrong you will detach, take a deep breath – and smile!

Keep a journal of your smile-power and soon you will see what a wonderful effect it’s having on your life!




Smiling makes you feel better, it’s catching, it’s great for your relationship, it helps you succeed, boosts your health and makes you optimistic!  What more do you want?

But if you feel so low that the smallest flicker of a grin is next to impossible, you need help as soon as possible and this is readily available for you with our team of expert Readers.  They will understand you and put a smile on your face, so call today and soon you’ll be beaming!


PUBLISHED: 23 March 2018

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