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Seasonal Shift

It’s the depth of winter but things are moving on. On 21st December it will be the Solstice, when the season changes all over the world. For us in the North it means that gradually the Sun will be returning. This is Nature’s way of reminding you to pay attention. You may have changed your clothes for the winter, but have you prepared your mind?
Learn how to:
  • Go with the flow
  • Embrace peace
  • De-clutter
  • Purify mind and body
  • Let go of grudges
  • Stop complaining
  • Let go of insecurity




If you truly tune in to your body, mind and spirit you will notice within that something is moving onwards. The coldest part of the season still lies ahead and you need inner strength for that. There is also a deep sense of renewal. Some things need to end now, if you aren’t going to drag a lot of baggage with you, into the lighter months.  
The trees have shed their leaves, stripping down to their bare branches. Have you noticed their beauty and grace? You can be like that too if you are prepared to let go and free yourself of what’s no longer necessary.


This is a busy season, but Nature reminds you that you need to rest. Animals are hibernating and many plants have died off, their life slumbering in their roots. You also need to be peaceful.  Obviously there will be demands on you. However, you can decide to banish self-defeating behaviours, such as drinking too much too often, having late nights, eating junk food and giving in to negative thoughts.
It will be a great help if you make time for regular yoga and meditation, to keep your sense of true values and your inner balance.


A pre-Christmas de-clutter is good in several ways. It makes room for the shopping you will probably be doing and the gifts you’ll receive. Decorations and a Christmas tree can make a messy room claustrophobic, so breathe free by getting rid of muddles.
If you give cast-offs to charity the benefit is tripled. You get space to breathe (and a lovely feeling of achievement), the charity gets the money and someone else gets your unwanted treasures. Win, win, win!


Before the feasting gets underway, cleanse yourself physically by cutting down on all foods that you know aren’t good for you, upping your water intake, having plenty of exercise and sleeping well.
Purify your spirit by passing a sage smudge stick all around your body, while you imagine all the negativity as grey clouds being driven away by the sweet aroma. Breathe out anything unpleasant from deep within your being and affirm that with each out-breath you are being cleansed. You are now ready to think more positively.


Philosophers have told us for centuries that forgiveness is something you do for yourself. There is little more freeing than letting go of all the resentment and forgiving anyone who has injured you, intentionally or otherwise.
Forgiveness is an act of self-love. Do you really want to carry on compounding the damage and making it easy for anyone that might want to hurt you? Or do you care for yourself enough to set yourself free? Why would you want to focus on harming yourself – for that’s exactly what you’re doing when you hold on to grudges.
Grudges never harm the person you resent, but they are very bad for you. Who needs them? The seasons are moving on, and something has to die for something to be reborn. Bury that bitterness now.


We all like to have a moan, but if you’re complaining about the same thing, day after day, what are you going to do about it? 
Decide now that you will tackle the cause for complaint and get rid of it from your life. Or, if this is not possible, make a commitment to yourself that you will stop complaining. There’s no point, it’s a waste of energy and turns your mind towards the negative. Instead, decide that you will feel good about yourself for dealing with this particular difficulty and give yourself a pat on the back instead of a pain in the neck.


Take note of all the negative messages you give yourself by writing them down as they go through your mind. Are you telling yourself over and over again that you cannot do certain tasks, that some achievements are beyond you, that you have cause to be fearful, that you have this wrong with you, or done that wrong, etc. etc. etc. with a long list of self-criticisms.
Look at your list and ask yourself what you would think of a friend who said all those things about you? Not much of a ‘friend’!  Isn’t that list totally over the top, not to mention unkind? Doesn’t that list leave out loads of constructive deeds, achievements, kindnesses to others and moments of joy? Burn that negative list in a candle-flame and write a list of positives to replace it.



Go with the flow, embrace peace, de-clutter, purify yourself, let go of grudges, complaining and feeling insecure – all of these will help you move on and be renewed.  However, if you’re in a bad place that’s not always so easy and you may need extra encouragement.  Don’t worry – our team of understanding and encouraging Readers is waiting for your call, so contact us today and make your seasonal shift.



PUBLISHED: 01 December 2017

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