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Sapphires Of September


Sometimes underestimated as being simply a feminine crystal, Sapphire was thought to preserve chastity, reveal fraud and treason, protect its wearer from poison, plague and fever and had immense power to resist black magic. It also increased the wearer’s concentration making it the Stone of Wisdom – no wonder, then, that Sapphire was seen as a holy and royal stone coveted by those in power.



Virgo and Sapphire

Fitting for the sign of the Healer in Virgo, the sign running through most of September, blue Sapphire has been thought to aid all parts of the body and sooth insomnia. Used externally or as an elixir, Sapphire water is considered a good purifier and should be used as the seasons change. The blue hues of Sapphire can work on the Higher Self, tuning in to the throat or crown chakra to balance and cleanse any psychic energies which may have become stagnant. 

Benefits of using 'Blue Sapphire'

Because its hardness is second only to Diamonds, Sapphires are used in various industrial practices however it’s the inner durability of the Sapphire which drew many to its intense qualities.
Long used as a curative for eye infections and improving eyesight, Blue Sapphire is also used to relieve headaches, fever, nosebleeds, and issues of the ears, including hearing, infection, inner-ear imbalances and vertigo. 
Blue Sapphire is an excellent stone for use in alternate or past-life therapy, helping one remember other lifetimes and the lessons they provided. It can also be used to enhance hypnosis and trance states, and in shamanic ceremonies to transmute negative energies.
Sapphire is a stone of intuition and meditation. Using a sapphire during meditation can enable you to work with energies from different realms and extend to a higher form of self. For instance, for writers, it could be used to understand the base of communication and what they wish to portray in their work whether it’s clarifying a plot line or the message they wish to spread to readers. 
In this, Sapphire is excellent not only for psychics but also for artists and other creative people who want to release their energies for their and others’ highest good. 

Sapphires bring happiness and peace

Sapphire is used to bring joy, peace, and beauty through meditation into this plane. It can bring fulfilment of dreams and prosperity, and even bring foresight as to how to bring wishes or ambitions to fruition. It has strong energy for general protection, not just psychic. Many times Sapphire is used for protection in psychic and ritual work, but it also is just as good at protecting against negative vibes or people in everyday life.  
In short the blue hues carried by blue Sapphire disintegrates disharmony in the physical head and profoundly benefits mental processes, clarifying and cleansing. When used solely for psychic activity it can increase the power of the energies, enabling easier connections with Spirit Guides, Angels, and other forms of Spirit or the Universe which you feel comfortable working with.
A crystal of Higher Knowledge, Sapphire is not only beautiful but it has the vibrational energy to back up its place as an invaluable tool for self-development and prosperity.
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