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Is Your Sacral Chakra Balanced


What is the sacral chakra? Find out the sacral chakra meaning and how it governs your body. Do you need sacral chakra healing for a more emotionally balanced life?


There are seven major chakras of the body, and the sacral chakra is the second chakra, located between the waist in the abdomen, two inches below the navel. Its Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana which translates as ‘vital force’ and it has a unique colour of orange. Its ruling element is water and the related symbol is an orange lotus flower with six petals, representing responsibility and nurturing of the family and community. The sacral chakra connects us to our emotions as the related word ‘to feel’ to this chakra denotes. It assists us in relating, having empathy for others and helps us to communicate our emotions, thoughts and feelings.





The sacral chakra meaning proves to be an important part of how we are made up energetically. The areas of the body that are governed by the sacral chakra are the reproductive organs, stomach, liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, kidney, spleen, upper intestines and the auto immune system. These areas can experience problems if there is a sacral chakra blockage which is often caused by emotional imbalance. This chakra rules how we feel about ourselves emotionally in terms of self-esteem, self-respect, self-worth, self-acceptance and confidence. As it rules the reproductive organs, it also plays an important role in sensuality, intimacy, sexual energy, pleasure and emotional or personal relationships.





Making sure the chakras are balanced is an important part of our emotional and physical wellbeing. When the sacral chakra is balanced you will find it easy to feel satisfied, happy, compassionate, and sexually and psychically aware because your emotions are in check. When there is a sacral chakra blockage, you may find that there is a decrease in general happiness and sexual desire, you may feel more tired, you may have hormonal imbalances or urinary problems or you may have problems with digestion. The sanskrit name Svadhisthana, meaning vital force, indicates ‘overall wellbeing’ for the mind, the body and the soul. Practising methods such as sacral chakra meditation (meditating to connect with your chakras) will contribute to your wellbeing and teaches you how to pay attention to how you feel, both emotionally and physically.





The sacral chakra represents our emotional connection to others, abundance and our openness to new experiences in life. Sacral chakra healing, much like sacral chakra meditation, is a way of connecting and releasing a blockage that can otherwise affect us emotionally and physically. Releasing energy using sacral chakra crystals is one of the most common ways, and there are several crystals that can help:

THE MOONSTONE –The Moonstone is one of the sacral chakra crystals that re-balances feminine areas such as the hormones and the reproductive organs. It also assists maternal emotions in parenting.

ARAGONITE – This gemstone raises the vibrational energy of the sacral chakra and helps us to convert negative emotional energy in to positive.

SUNSTONE – Known as one of the most uplifting sacral chakra crystals because of the matching colour of orange bringing positivity, happiness and positive energy.

TANGERINE QUARTZ – This assists in balancing emotions and healing trauma. It encourages us to step outside our comfort zone and try new experiences. Creates balance in give and take with love relationships.




Svadhisthana, more commonly known as the sacral chakra, assists you to feel compassionate and connects you to your own emotions. When there is no sacral chakra blockage and your chakras are well balanced, you should find it easy to emotionally connect with others, you should find it easy to be content and take pleasure in daily life. You may feel a sense of creativity and feel encouraged to try new experiences and you should have no problem with self-respect, intimacy and personal relationships.




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  2. Sacral Chakra - Svadhisthana
  3. Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipura
  4. Heart Chakra - Anahata
  5. Throat Chakra - Visuddha
  6. Third Eye Chakra - Ajna
  7. Crown Chakra - Sahasrana



If you feel you need expert psychic guidance on emotional issues or relationships and would like to know what the future holds, speak to the UK’s top psychics at TheCircle. If you believe that your chakras may not be balanced, it may be worth trying sacral chakra meditation, or try visiting a Reiki practitioner or Crystal healer to find out about Chakra Balancing to improve your wellbeing.



PUBLISHED: 25 May 2016

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