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Rose Quartz Meaning and Properties


Rose quartz is one of the most popular and powerful of the gemstones and through its connection to the Heart Chakra helps its users with issues concerning love and relationships. Steeped in mythology with a plethora of uses for centuries, the stone can help promote positive relationships with others and yourself. It can help protect your heart to grow and recover from past negativity, allowing you to live a positive life and allow love into your heart once more.



Rose Quartz Meaning


Rose quartz is one of the most popular healing crystals due to its many uses and its pleasing aesthetic. Often called the Heart Stone, it is believed that rose quartz crystal has been used since 600 BC – predominantly to divine meaning in all matters love and relationship.


Ancient civilisations began using the precious stone as a bead in jewellery to signify ownership and some cited to prevent the effects of ageing. Beauty is also a common theme in the power of rose quartz, as Roman mythology suggests that the stone was used in face masks to retain good looks. The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the stone possessed powers associated with love.


Mythology states that Cupid presented the rose quartz crystal to humans. It represented the gift of love. Other myths suggest rose quartz represents the eternal love of Aphrodite for her lover Adonis. Native American mythology believed the stone could resolve anger and disappointment when used in an amulet, replacing negative energies with love. All provenance of the rose crystal seems to be linked in some way to love, with most of its many uses reflecting that rose quartz is powerful in matters of the heart.


Rose Quartz Healing Properties


Rose quartz healing properties come from its connection to the Heart Chakra. The stone is a mothering crystal and can be used to promote self-love, as well as bonding with others, especially if worn against the stomach while pregnant or as a ring. Placing the stone by the bed or in the relationship corner of the home can help promote healthy harmonious relationships, trust, and unconditional love. Rose quartz can also help in bringing about sensuality and restoring aspects of intimacy in a relationship. But that isn’t its only use in the bedroom.


The most important benefit of the rose quartz crystal meaning for physical healing is through its associations with the Heart Chakra. By balancing the Heart Chakra, it can help strengthen the heart and quell worries. The calming nature of the precious stone helps prevent thoughts and concerns that can culminate in serious issues. As such, it can be another tool in your kit to living a physically healthy life and promoting peace.


The soft pink colouring allows the rose quartz healing properties to extend to the heart and help to repair emotional damage. The energy works to dissolve unhappiness, sorrow, worry and regret. Ultimately, the stone helps open up your heart for love, especially if you have it closed off from previous negative experiences. Personal fulfilment and love for yourself replace the negative emotions and give you an uplifted outlook.


Rose Quartz Other Uses


Rose quartz properties make it perfect for the workplace. Placing a piece of the precious stone by your desk can help prevent you becoming the target of negativity and gossip in the office. Combining this with placing it by the bed for relationship strength, you can help ward off negativity in every aspect of life. For beauty consultants, wearing a piece of the gemstone can help you become more productive and more focused on your job.


The precious stone is also a strong sleep crystal, which promotes positive dreams and rest. The underlying essence of the crystal is of a calming and reassuring nature, which can help those who worry unduly, as well as those in the midst of trauma or mid-life crises. Rose quartz properties provide exceptional comfort during grief, helping you adapt to and accept change – especially for matters that weight heavy on the heart.


Another of the many uses for rose quartz comes in the form of Divination and many Readers see great benefits from putting the stone's natural properties to use in their practise. The stone emphasizes absolving yourself of past mistakes and problems and looking forward with forgiveness, through the self-love aspects of the crystal. In Divination, the stone also allows you to absolve yourself of blame for things caused by others that you shouldn’t trouble yourself about.


Rose quartz is a versatile and powerful crystal with uses for love and beauty dating back to ancient civilisations. Drawing on these benefits can help strengthen your heart through daily life and allow you to take more negativity in your stride, empower you to forgive, and leave your heart open to all the love life has to offer.


Published: 23 April 2019

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