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How To Reinspire Creativity In Life And Work


It’s natural to go through times when your creativity is at a low ebb. Sometimes this can lead to avoiding the work that needs to be done, and going into a downward spiral of self-doubt. But there are several ways you can get going again. Basically what you need to do is expand your awareness, keep faith and an open mind. Then there is a list of activities that will get you unstuck and flowing forwards again.





We all know that we need to move about in order to be healthy. However, moving is also essential to creativity. Different types of movement stimulate different parts of your mind, because you are moving energy around your system. You will need to experiment to find out what works for you. Try dancing, running, walking, tai chi, stretching, lifting weights. Pick something you’ve never considered before and see what it does to your productivity.




Many of us do not get enough sleep these days. Continually bombarded by messages on smartphones and tablets, you may feel on call 24/7 and unable to switch off. Sleep deprivation can affect your creativity, so take a power nap. Set a timer if you like, and make sure you only have half an hour, to make sure you don’t go down into a deeper seep cycle. If you feel you need more then have 2 hours, to move through a complete cycle and go into light sleep again. This can have an amazingly re-energising effect. You may even have a dream that throws specific light on the job you’re doing.




Freud referred to counseling and psychotherapy as ‘the Talking Cure.’ However, you don’t have to have deep-seated problems or need to see a therapist in order to benefit from a chat. If you talk to a friend or colleague about your thoughts you may find this helps you immeasurably. The act of putting things into words helps your mind move on, almost magically. You will probably also receive helpful hints and tips, even if the person you’re talking to doesn’t know anything much about the subject you’re ‘stuck’ on. Sometimes people who know you well can see the ways in which you are frustrating your own creativity, and may say just the right thing.




Being stuck can be stressful and you may feel compelled to keep banging on, achieving less and less and maybe getting more and more panicky and frustrated. But you’ll benefit much more if you just take a break. Play some music, do a crossword or just comb your hair. By placing your attention elsewhere you are letting your thoughts incubate. Without you realizing it, something important is going on in your subconscious and when you come back to the task in hand, new insights will surface.




We are all animals, deep within. We evolved in the forests and on the shores. Being indoors does not suit our inner, instinctual nature. We need the stimulation and renewal of breathing the open air, fixing our eyes on distant hilltops, feeling the earth beneath our feet and tree-bark beneath our palms. So, when it all gets too much, put on your coat and head off outside for a while. Take your mind off all the pressure and details and feast your senses on the simplicity of Nature. Chances are you’ll come back refreshed and renewed.




If you’re stuck at a desk or workstation there isn’t much happening to awaken the inner you. Boredom and lack of inspiration understandably set in. So awaken your other senses intentionally. Smell is the most primitive of senses, and the reptilian brain-stem responds automatically to scent. Start by rubbing in some hand-cream or burning a scented candle. Then you could explore aromatherapy and choose fragrances that are known to relax the brain, such as lavender. Explore touch, also, by stroking smooth fabrics, running fingers through your hair, holding your hands under the tap – all of these will enable deep shifts to take place.




The thoughts of most of us dart here, there and everywhere. We’re always comparing today with yesterday and getting wound up over fears for the future. But only today, now, this present moment is real. Try as much as you can to stay in the present, experiencing the quality of the moment. Close your eyes, be aware of your breath and repeat ‘I am renewed in the here and now’ three times. Do this as often as it takes to get you centred.




In the above we’ve looked at moving, napping, discussing, varying your activity, getting outside, stimulating your senses and staying in the present moment. You now have several strategies to choose from if your creativity feels stuck. Nonetheless there may still be desperate moments when you need the input of a knowledgeable individual to push you on. Don’t worry – our helpful and inspirational Readers are always at hand to work the magic, so put in a call without delay.



PUBLISHED: 23 January 2017

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