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Six Tips To Pursue Your Passion

Having a passion in life is a wonderful thing. It gives you a reason to go on even when you’re struggling. A true sense of vocation prompts you to make the right decisions instinctively. Research shows that a feeling of purpose makes you happier, more resilient and healthier. It can even make you live longer. How can you find your true passion and purpose? Rest assured, it’s inside you, just waiting to be activated.
In the following we look at:
  • What lights your fire
  • Your dreams matter
  • Watch out for negative signals
  • Be brave
  • Recognise when you’re on track
  • Make a plan




Many people think they can find success by doing what others seem to like, or forcing themselves into the role expected of them. It’s easy to believe that success equals money and that your ‘purpose’ must, in a large part, involve getting wealthy. But if you pursue money for its own sake you may be left empty and unfulfilled. Your passion is in fact quite easy to find. It’s what you enjoy, it comes naturally and makes you feel energized and motivated. Although you may put lots of energy into it, it doesn’t seem like that. In fact when you are pursuing your passion you will often feel more energized after working long and hard at it.


At school many of us were told off for daydreaming. Some of the most successful people were rebuked for following their passion. David Bowie, for instance, was warned that he’d never get anywhere playing a guitar! Don’t let those negative messages put you off. Follow your dreams and see where they lead. Sometimes they change along the way, but if you have faith you’ll find fulfillment.


Do you ever feel low on energy for no real reason? Do you feel trapped or anxious? Maybe you have physical symptoms such as tummy troubles or headaches. Is it hard for you to concentrate? Are you dependent on prescription drugs, nicotine or alcohol? If you’ve answered yes to some of these it’s a sign that you haven’t found your passion and you’re not guided by an inner sense of purpose. Do not despair. Keep an open mind and be willing to change. Better things await you.


Many people, if not most people, go through life guided by fear rather than fulfillment. We do things because we’re afraid of all sorts of results, such as disapproval, poverty, insecurity etc. This is understandable, but when you think about it, if you’re unhappy, frustrated and under the weather then how much worse can it get? If you follow your passion you may experience some losses but they won’t feel like losses. Instead you’ll experience a natural high that will carry you through until your passion brings you its own special brand of success.


Perhaps you’ve made a small life change and you’ve started to feel more energetic. You find yourself smiling more frequently, feeling lighter and more free.  Sometimes you even feel your skin tingling, and excitement bubbling up inside. In fact you’re more healthy and generally relaxed. Then you start to attract a little bit of good luck. Seemingly by chance you’re in the right place at the right time, and you draw people to you who are just right for you and your goals. You aren’t just ‘going through a phase’ or ‘in a good mood’. What’s happened is that you’ve drawn closer to your passions. They are propelling you onwards, and you need to listen. It’s all too easy to miss the signals, to talk yourself into being more ‘sensible’ maybe. That’s such a shame. If you’re feeling good ask yourself what is making you feel that way, and get more and more of it.


Once you have some idea where you want to go, once you’ve begun to identify your passions, then you’re in a position to focus and make a plan. Now is the time to find where your passion fits a niche in the world, so it works for you. That passion drives you onwards but it’s your task now to target it. Realism is now your friend, as you find ways to apply your skills and energies. This is a key phase – you must keep your motivation yet modify your efforts so they bear fruit ‘out there’. Rest assured there will always be someone or something that needs your unique talents.
Although money isn’t your main motivation, money is energy and is to be respected, so make sure you cost out your venture and see that it pays.
It’s a good idea to have stages to your plan, so you can see that you’ve taken significant steps. Once you see you’re really getting somewhere, there will be no stopping you.



By following the six tips listed above you can put your passion into action and find real fulfillment. If you find yourself saying that’s easier said than done and you just can’t believe in yourself then you need a boost. That’s readily available from our insightful and positive Readers who have just the advice to get you going. Don’t wait around. Call us today and be put on track to your dreams.



PUBLISHED: 29 September 2017

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