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Pureness Of Peridot


Often overlooked in the current age of wealthy statements, Peridot is a valuable and nurturing crystal. Its history goes back to ancient times. Some of the earliest records of this stone even come from the Bible and Roman records! 


Peridot was previously known as Olivine for its greenish colour. It’s been used for centuries, yet has only been known by its more recent name in the last two hundred years. Peridot was even used back in the Middle Ages to ward off evil spirits. This is possibly because its vibration is said to protect against psychic attacks, so it’s especially helpful in modern spiritual work when wanting to promote good, helpful energies! 
While associated with August, Peridot has been known to be reflective of other signs yet it seems to reflect Leo the most – it can enhance confidence, assertion, and a feeling of self-awareness in all endeavours.  Powerful, yes, but it is possibly one of the most balanced and quietly moving crystals you can work with. 
The potential in this stone to help in various aspects of your work are immense. As it’s connected very deeply to the energy of the heart chakra, it can encourage an all-around sense of wellbeing, and encourages a sense of love for the Earth and all its creatures. The more your heart chakra opens with this crystal, the more its energies will work with you and enable you to draw in things that you wish to manifest. 
Abundance, prosperity, health and friendships can all be nurtured by this stone of service. The nature of the Peridot is to truly connect to one’s emotional state of being and help with confidence in all matters, especially a sense of contentment. At its core is only one purpose: restoration. Whether this is assistance with your energy levels, optimism, mending a broken heart or trying to see clearly, Peridot is a gentle stone of quiet strength which works slowly, yet complimentary, with your unique vibration.  
It can bring in light and beauty to your life especially if you are trying to see the good aspect of things you’re going through; almost like the sign of Leo, its slow release yet abundance of energy can really be used to assist you in feeling the connection to family, friends and spirit in a deep and understanding way. When you feel like you can’t face a situation, Peridot is able to ground and centre you, motivating you to embrace the changes. 
Because of its light and easy energy, this is a crystal which can comfort people even in the darkest of times. Having been known to assist with a feeling of contentment, especially after or during traumatic times, it’s no wonder that the Peridot has been referred to in some texts as the ‘nurses’ stone’. While it wasn’t particularly seen as one of the most valuable of crystals, it certainly has become one for this reason. There’s an element of Peridot which can be used for mental, emotional and even physical detoxing. It aligns unbalanced chakras and maintains a sense of cleansing within. So if you want a little help with a new healthy living plan, or even to de-stress in precious down time, calling on Peridot could give you the extra bit of encouragement you need!  
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