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Positive Thinking Day Wednesday 13th September

September 13th has been picked as a day to celebrate positive thinking and to develop it. Let this day be the start of new and helpful habits for you. Look at:
  • What positivity actually is
  • Tricks to be positive
  • Negative people
  • Negative triggers
  • Always having something to look forward to




Colourfully known as ‘blue sky thinking’, positivity means looking for the advantages in practically any situation. It also means making the best of all scenarios and being naturally cheerful and productive. Positivity means looking for the virtues and plus points, not the flaws and drawbacks. It’s a ‘glass half full’ perspective. Underneath positivity there is a delight in life and a conviction that there is much that is beautiful, to be enjoyed.
Positivity is really optimism put into action. Some people say that optimists set themselves up for disappointment and that it’s better to be prepared for the worst. But that’s not how it works. If you’re optimistic you naturally recover from setbacks and expect another, better outcome, whereas if you expect unhappiness you suffer all the time.
Positivity is worth encouraging in yourself and others.


It’s so easy to get in the habit of negativity. The news is depressing, people love to dwell on their troubles and life is tiring and dispiriting at times. It’s also a fact that we are hard-wired to be prepared for trouble. This may have had some use in the old days when you might have been under threat from wolves or marauding tribesmen, but these days you’re more likely to create sadness and depression for yourself.
Like so many things, positivity is a habit, and if you’re negative you have to break that habit before a better one can take its place. Try the following:
  • Accept that you are going to have to work at being positive. Don’t give up because those negative thoughts keep breaking through.
  • Never ‘feel bad’ about being negative. That’s a downward spiral.
  • Practice positive visualization. Whenever you get a chance daydream intentionally about good outcomes.
  • If you’re engaged in a project or hoping for something specific, surround yourself with images of success. For instance, if you are looking for a home, collect pictures and samples of what you want and make a scrap book or vision board.
  • When you catch yourself thinking negatively, distract yourself with something that’s fun, or productive.
  • Don’t try to reason away negative thoughts. That’s just playing their game and will only drag you down. Dismiss them – imagine that you are blowing them away like grey clouds.
  • Always count what you have done, congratulating yourself on even the smallest achievements. Get in the habit of doing this night and morning.
  • Remember all the times in your life when your fears did not come true, when something great happened out of the blue, and/or when you coped with a challenging situation.
  • Give yourself positivity therapy whenever and wherever you can. Record positive statements and play them back to yourself. Wear colours and scents that make you cheerful. Be with animals, nature and people who love and support you.
  • Laugh, laugh, laugh – seek out people and situations that make you chuckle.
  • Give yourself intelligent positive affirmations. For instance you may like to look yourself in the eye in the mirror each morning and say ‘Today I am going to do my very best’. You need to feel comfortable with the affirmations you make. For instance, if you are unhappy with the way you look saying ‘I am beautiful as I am’ may strike a hollow note. Instead try ‘I am learning to appreciate myself.’ As time goes by you will feel able to make more extreme affirmations, as your confidence and positivity grow.


Positivity is not about being heartless – far from it. Once you feel truly up-beat you will have so much encouragement to give others. But while you’re working towards that optimistic attitude, do take care of yourself.
There are some people who enjoy being negative and their life is one long moan-fest. These are the souls you may need to steer clear of, if you’re vulnerable. With others you should monitor your reactions. A close friend having a bad time needs your support – maybe read this article together. Don’t be too eager to be an emotional rescuer if it’s going to flip you into negativity. In the long run that helps nobody.
Self care is an important part of positivity. It’s about using your resources to best effect, realistically and constructively.


We all have circumstances that set us off on a downward spiral. Maybe you hate rainy days, or there’s a particular chore that you find a drag, such as dealing with the rubbish or sorting the washing.
You may also have some more deep-seated triggers, connected with your past and insecurities. For instance, if you had a difficult relationship with one of your parents certain people may subconsciously remind you. Suddenly you feel like a helpless, angry or frightened child and the whole world looks hopeless. There may be places that have a similar effect.
If you analyse these triggers you will learn valuable facts about yourself. Once you have learned them, avoiding these situations is a strength, not a weakness. Why put your positivity under undue stress? As far as possible keep away from anything that pulls you down. As for those necessary chores, see below.


You can’t have a life filled with nothing but pleasure. No-one can. But you can learn to deal with the unpleasant in a way that makes it more palatable. One of the ways to do this is always to have something to look forward to. Look beyond the present problem, focus your mind on the treat in store.
Another important habit to develop is a type of mindfulness – be in the present moment, not exhausting yourself with fears and fantasies about the future, or going endlessly through jobs you must do, in your mind. That old saying about not meeting trouble half way is always right. Don’t meet work half way either or you may be too worn out to do it properly.
Positivity is here, now, in the moment, and it’s your gift to use, or lose. Not a difficult choice to make!



Cultivating positivity is just about the greatest help you can give yourself. We have learned what positivity is, tricks to being positive, dealing with negative people, avoiding negative triggers and always having something to look forward to. On your journey to happiness it’s natural to look for support, and this is always readily available with our inspiring Readers, who are waiting to set you on your way.


PUBLISHED: 06 September 2017

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