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In todays society we tend to become too focused on the expectations and opinions of others at the expense of our own financial happiness. The media’s image of the perfect wedding day, perfect house, perfect family, distorts reality and makes us dissatisfied with what we have. So many material things surround us and yet we crave for more. We need to analyze what is going on inside our heads and hearts rather than thoughtlessly worry about how we compare to other people and building a debt mountain.


The shocking average cost of a wedding is now £20,000.


Expenses don't confirm the happy wedding


Statistics prove expensive nuptials are more likely to end in divorce. No one has the perfect wedding just because they have spent thousands on their big day. Your special day should be about the love you have for each other and not being under pressure to invite two hundred and fifty people to a slap up dinner, the inevitable punch up and embarrassing Dad dancing.



Sticking to a budget, shopping around and haggling could make more sense


 Hiring a wedding dress is a cheaper option, get your granny to bake the cake; even having the reception in your garden could be more fun than the stuffy formal alternative. If, for example, your wedding is a year away and you need to increase your budget, look at what is spent now on fripperies. Do you really need three cappuccinos a day? Squirrel that money away to enable you to have a carefree day. Have a financial meeting with your partner and identify areas where money is wasted. Stick your savings into an easy access ISA and watch your Wonga grow! Having a monthly meeting throughout your married life will focus your mind on saving and budgeting.


Having a baby is an incredibly exciting experience but can be a financial minefield. Babies tend to be very messy whether they have designer gear or not. They won’t remember they had the most prestigious pram or expensive toys. They need your love and attention; a less stressed parent will make a more secure child. It’s character building not to fulfill their every material need.


Getting yourself in to shedloads of debt will badly affect your married life. Financial stress is truly awful. There are excellent money saving websites out there. If you have serious financial problems there are charities that can help by speaking to your debtors and making payment plans.


Why not have financial readings with one of our talented psychics? They could help identify the relationship you and your partner have with money and help build a happy prosperous future.

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