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Peridot Meaning and Properties


The Gemological Institute of America has dubbed the peridot "the extreme stone". This is because this powerful and recently underappreciated gem is unlike almost any other stone in existence. It is one of the only gems in the world, with the other being diamonds, that is not formed in the Earth's crust. Rather, it is born from fire and light. The peridot crystal is formed from molten lava, harnessing the unstoppable energy of a thousand volcanoes.


Other forms of peridot also have origins beyond this planet, having come to this Earth via extraterrestrial asteroids and meteors. It is, therefore, no surprise that this stone is one of the most powerful healing crystals you can obtain. It harnesses the energy of our sun, containing the ability to ward off even the darkest forces in our lives and allow the wearer to ascend to an entirely new dimension of being. Read on to find out the meaning, uses, and powers behind this mysterious gemstone. 



Peridot Stone Meaning


In ancient times, the peridot stone went by the name of 'Olivine', owing to the deep, olive-green hues of this hypnotic stone. One of the earliest mentions of its use is in the Bible, where it is described as being worn as the high priest of Jerusalem, partly as protection against the forces of evil. Its connotations of wealth and prosperity are likely to have existed for millennia, given that the crystal was a favourite of the Ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra, as well as a number of Roman emperors. 


Its meanings in modern times are myriad. As the official birthstone for the month of August and the Scorpio and Leo Zodiac signs, the peridot stone meaning today is largely one of fiery energy and passion, as well as light and positivity. It has been described as both the 'Vitamin D' of the gemstone family and the 'metaphysical battery' of the world, owing to its enduring connotations with energy and reinvigoration.


As well as a force for light, positivity, and raw energy, the peridot meaning extends beyond the spiritual world and into the material one. Since ancient times, it has held strong connotations of wealth and abundance, with wearers and collectors believing that its presence in the home is sufficient to attract unimaginable riches. Today, the stone is still the official national gem of Egypt, in a nod to its ancient role as a status signifier. 


Peridot Stone Healing Properties


The peridot stone healing properties extend to various areas of life. The stone itself should be considered as a crystallised form of sunshine, given its origins in the source of all life. Those struggling with dark forces are well-advised to gravitate towards the peridot stone, as the raw power of it will assist you in banishing these nefarious forces that have taken hold. Peridot was believed by the Romans to be an antidote for depression, as well as a tool to be harnessed in challenging times when a little bit of solar power is needed to give you a boost. As such, those struggling with exams or challenging workloads should lean on the immense energetic properties of the peridot crystal.


The properties of peridot go beyond its abilities as a vanquisher of darkness. Once you've tapped into it to help banish your spiritual burdens, place it over your heart chakra to see the positivity it can bring into your life. Those looking for love may find themselves filled with passion, optimism, and pure happiness, making them much more attractive to potential partners. Peridot stones are for those looking to experience life in high definition and maximum volume, who wish to let go of their hang-ups and be filled with light in every area of their life.


Other Uses of the Peridot Crystal


In recent years, the peridot stone has found immense popularity as a meditation item. Practitioners of meditation frequently keep a peridot crystal in the palm of their hand during their sessions, due to its ability to help users harness holy energy and make a connection with a higher realm. Although once an unappreciated gem, people around the world have once again fallen in love with the transfixing, deep green colour of this precious stone. As such, its use in jewellery has exploded, with necklaces, pendants, rings, bangles, and bracelets all featuring peridot, including even the most expensive pieces. 


Peridot has also found its use in the home, with practitioners of Feng Shui now using it widely. Although not as popular as other Feng Shui materials such as jade, peridot furnishings and decorations are placed around the home as a way of attracting material wealth and prosperity. A peridot item in the kitchen is an absolute must-have for Feng Shui followers, as this will guarantee that you and your family will never go hungry and that abundance will always be awaiting you. 


Beyond this, peridot has applications within the scientific community. Its origins both in the fiery lava of the Earth's core and the falling stars of outer space mean that scientists continue to study it intensely to this very day, in the hopes of better understanding the perplexing mysteries of our universe. 


Despite its immense spiritual value, peridot crystal healing stones are affordable and widely available for anyone who wishes to harness their potential. Whether you're struggling with bad habits that are weighing you down, or just wish to inject a little sunlight into your everyday life, peridot stones are ideal for you.


Published: 10 April 2019

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