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Palmistry - Interpret Your Hand and Finger Shapes


Lots of basic information can be discovered just by looking at hands and fingers.  Don’t be deceived by manicures and false nails – the clues remain the same.


LONG FINGERS – In general, fingers that are long in proportion to the palm show that you may be detached from practicality, or at least not put material matters at the top of the agenda.  Ethics and ideas are most important to you, and you may be quite thoughtful.  It takes you a while to make up your mind and to react to what’s going on, but when you do, your actions are intelligent and reasonable.

– You’re impulsive and impatient.  Often you react spontaneously, and yes, you can be thoughtless but you’re also blessed with sound instincts and often find you’ve fallen on your feet and done the right thing without always knowing why.  Probably you’re aware of creature comforts and the value of security and money – although you may be better at spending than saving!

SMOOTH FINGERS –  Are your fingers smooth-jointed and straight?  You grasp the essentials quickly and take action without delay.  You may go through life on a need-to-know basis, and you prefer results to reflection.  Yes, you make mistakes, but you’re good at getting out of trouble!

KNOTTY FINGERS – Do your finger-joints stand out, making your fingers slightly knobbly?  Then you’re analytical and precise.  You like to know exactly what you’re dealing with and you find out anything relevant before you decide.  You can get bogged down in the small print, but you’re philosophical and wise.




There are several basic shapes of the hand, giving an overall clue to the personality.  Sometimes it can be hard to be sure which ‘type’ you fall into, because you may be a mixture, or you may have to look closely.  When interpreting for friends you can ask them to show you their hands and keep them still while you think.  Often signs will be contradictory – for instance you may see long, pointed fingers on a square palm, indicating the person starts with the facts, so is ‘practical’ but thinks deeply about it all, so is ‘theoretical’ too.  With strangers you’re going to have to make do with a glance.  Like all studies, palmistry isn’t learned in a day and you need to compare and contrast.  Take note and keep a record of how the hand types look to you, and how you find this works out in people’s lives.




Your palm is square-ish and your fingers have square tips.  This means that you are practical, logical and materialistic – not in a selfish way but in a positive way.  You’re a ‘person who can’, finding solutions to difficult situations and often able to grasp how things work.  You believe in what you see, hear and touch.  Methodical and careful, you can be determined and obstinate.  Probably you aren’t very imaginative, but you can be great in many subjects through business, plumbing, building, science and law.





Your hand may be generally a bit crooked-looking, with large pads or tips to your fingers, so they splay slightly at the ends, like a chemist’s spatula.  You are really active, always having a go at something, tireless, inventive, original and productive.  Emotionally you are expressive and demonstrative.  If you look at your palm you’ll see that it’s wider at the wrist than at the fingers, or it could be the other way round, but it isn’t regular in shape – and you aren’t a ‘regular’ person.  If your palm is wider at the finger end, you’re more practical and think things through, but if it’s the other way round, you’re impetuous.  Either way you make your mark as a multi-talented entrepreneur.




 Is your hand long, bony, fairly thin and angular, with knotty joints?  Then you’re the eternal student, always learning and pondering.  Careful about facts and detail, thinking deeply and preoccupied with the meanings of life, you’re a mine of information although you often need someone else to sort out practical stuff, because you may forget to pay the bills and do the washing up.  Never mind, you know there are more important things to life, and you’re wise and well-informed.  As long as you choose the right subjects to study you can rise to the top.




Is your hand generally graceful, with tapering fingers and pointed tips?  Then your hand is Conic.  You love beautiful things and although you may not be an artist as such, you are very sensitive to colour, music and fine arts.  It’s up to you what you do with your abilities.  You can be very creative and you should find a constructive outlet for this, as it could be easy for you to while away your time appreciating rather than being active.  Decide on a talent that you will develop and meanwhile make sure you’re secure in life by being practical and realistic.  You could be going places – it’s up to you.




Your hand is like the Conic hand, but more extreme – fragile and elegant, with slim, pointed fingers and a generally frail appearance.  You live in the world of ideas and dreams, and, lets face it, you’re not very practical.  However, you can be extremely intuitive, and may have fabulous artistic talents and psychic gifts.  You need to listen to your instincts and seek the company of people who are trustworthy and will give you the support and encouragement that you need.  That intuition can also lead you to amazing places and give you wonderful experiences, as long as you keep your common sense.




Your hand may well be mixed, and to a greater or lesser extent, most people’s are.  This makes you versatile and multi-tasking.  Choose something to concentrate on and you’ll progress well.

Palmistry is a great way to get to know yourself better and as you become more adept at it, you will be fascinated by what you discover.  Meanwhile, for immediate understanding, insight and advice, contact our knowledgeable readers at The Circle and find your answers.

PUBLISHED: 28 November 2014

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