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Obsidian Meaning and Properties


Obsidian – or the stone of protection – can be used to rid yourself of negative energy and its mirror stone elements can be used to look inside yourself and remove sources of self-doubt and negativity, especially those brought on by past life trauma.



Obsidian Meaning


Obsidian is a hard, glassy black gemstone made from volcanic rock that cools very quickly once broken from the Earth’s surface. The birthstone of Sagittarians, the stone is typically black, but it can also be beige, green or brown – when combined with other elements, it can be a range of other colours, too. Yet the stone retains the same properties. Due to its hardy provenance, Obsidian can defend its wearers against negativity and is known as a stone of protection. Many refer to it as a ‘psychic vacuum cleaner’ for its use as a mirror stone, which allows one to look inside themselves to see their inner flaws and demons and attempt to find some inner peace and clarity.


Obsidian’s first appearance has been noted as far back as 700,000 BC. Sources in the Middle East place Obsidian as a material used in Anatolian and Levantine invention. Much like flint, the stone was used to create blades, spear points, and arrowheads, which is where its strength and sharpness helped give it the impression of being a stone of protection. Indeed, evidence from Melanesia has found that Obsidian was used to create tattoos, while the Rapa Nui of Easter Island used the stone for the eyes in their Moai statues to bestow upon them integrity.


The mirror aspect of the volcanic rock means that is also developed spiritual uses. According to the Maya, the stones acted as mirrors with supernatural uses, including to communicate with those in other worlds and as portals to realms that hadn’t yet been interacted with. The Aztecs used the stone as a symbol of being elite in society and transformed it into sheets for Divination. Ancient Greeks used the stone for Scrying, while Native American cultures used the stone to sharpen the inner sight for rituals and ceremonies.



Obsidian Healing Properties


Some suggest that there are ways in which Obsidian can help physical healing. The reflexive nature of the stone means that those dealing with physical conditions which stem from emotions can use the stone to try to help overcome the emotional connections to these conditions.


The sturdiness of the stone and the connotations of strength and power lend themselves to Obsidian’s emotional healing properties. This includes helping you to be more grounded and mentally sharper, as well as improving your ability to make decisions. The stone is said to express truth without taking sides, so can help you come to decisions you may have found difficult and to decide upon things you may not wish to do. The stone also absorbs erratic energies and allows people to remain calmer and more level headed, especially if prone to being bombarded by distractions and negative emotions.


Obsidian Other Uses


Obsidian healing crystals are also used in Feng Shui to help the energy in the home be more positive and flow better. Place the crystal on the north bagua area of the house – the area concerned with career and your life path. Element-wise, this is concerned with water energy, which can offer protection against obstacles that stand in the way. This can be through placing the crystal itself in this area, or incorporating the stone to the area’s existing Feng Shui plan. Make sure you cleanse the crystal often as it draws in and traps negative energy.


Obsidian’s mirror-like behaviour means that it can be used for scrying, especially to contact your Spirit guide, as it is based in the earth chakra and provides grounding. This can be used to analyse your past life and help remove some of the ‘psychic smog’ that has developed around you based on events in your past life. By cleansing yourself of this, you will remove blockages that are preventing you from moving forwards and will ensure that you are leading a strong life.


Obsidian lends itself well to being used as a massage wand or being incorporated into a spiritual massage. The same cleansing energy that works around the home and to allow you to look inside yourself can be used when systematically massaging your bodily chakras. The releasing stone clears negative energy that has built up and when used with other crystals, can form the basis of a spiritual massage. By cleansing each chakra in turn, you should feel a release of negative energy, which Obsidian can then protect against returning.  


Obsidian is a versatile and powerful stone that can be used to rid yourself or your home of negative energy. When focused on yourself, it can remove obstacles to your positive future in both life and career and can be used to deal with emotional build-ups stemming from trauma in past lives.


Published: 23 April 2019

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