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Moving House, Making Change


We are all creatures of habit, and we like to be surrounded by what’s familiar.  It’s all too easy to take our home for granted, and only when all that is changing may we look around and realise how attached we are.  However, home is something that you create, with your presence and your attention.  If moving is inevitable, then rest assured that you can make yourself and your family comfortable, wherever you are.





Maybe you are leaving home for the first time.  This is exciting, but also scary.  Don’t be hard on yourself if you feel daunted, apprehensive or lonely.  Just take one day at a time and give yourself a chance to adjust.  Gradually – or even suddenly – you will find that you are enjoying your independence and finding out how to make a home for yourself.




If you are moving to a bigger and/or better place, it may seem as if you have nothing to worry about.  But moving house is always stressful.  Don’t be surprised if you have misgivings, a sense of loss and a feeling of being overwhelmed by all you have to do, and by the change.  Take things as slowly as you can – don’t expect to be sorted overnight.  Accept help and realise that it may take a while for your new place to feel like home.




It can be hard to make do with less space, but you are downsizing for practical reasons, such as to realise capital or to manage more easily.  Think about what you are gaining by downsizing, such as peace of mind, or money for outings, and write these on small signs that you pin up here and there to remind you that you are gaining, rather than losing.  Be ruthless about getting rid of belongings – you can keep your favourite mementoes, but if you try to cram everything into a smaller space, it will only remind you of what you have left behind.  Think of yourself as finding liberty and security, and focus on the advantages such as fewer rooms to clean.




It’s a wrench to leave behind friends and family, but with Skype, texting and other forms of communication it has never been easier to keep in touch.  Obviously it is good to show your feelings, and there is bound to be a period of mourning, while you make the break, and adjust.  However, try to focus on positives. 

•    Make a date for your next meet-up with loved ones.
•    Make a time for a Skype call.
•    Look forward to having your loved ones to stay with you – there are some great new experiences in store for all of you.
•    Always keep in the back of your mind that you must ‘never say “never”’.  You could be back again sooner than you realise or something could happen that takes away the pain of saying goodbye.
•    Take with you ornaments, framed photos or other souvenirs, to make your new home feel like your old.
•    When you arrive, don’t mope.  Get out and meet people that live close by, so you can put down roots.

It can be very difficult to adjust to a new place and to leave your familiar environment. That’s one of the many reasons we¹re here. We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to resolve your feelings and move on.  Put in a call today and be encouraged and supported.

PUBLISHED: 09 April 2015

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