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Moonstone Crystal Meaning and Properties


The moonstone crystal is one of the most beautiful crystals found in the natural world. The ancient Romans believed that the crystal was frozen moonlight. While the truth is that moonstone is made of sodium potassium aluminium silicate, it is a very pretty crystal to look at.


There are several types of moonstone crystals, such as the blue moonstone, rainbow moonstone, green moonstone and green moonstone. However, moonstones aren't just nice to look at, as the crystal has a unique meaning and great potential healing properties.



Moonstone Meaning


While the ancient Romans believed that the moonstone crystal was frozen moonlight, they aren't the only group that has looked at the crystal's connection to the moon. The crystal doesn't just look like the moon, but it may be connected to the moon's rhythms. Just as the gravitational pull of the moon is responsible for the waves on the ocean, it can also have an effect on human behaviours and attitudes.


Moonstone's meaning is one of mystery and wonder. Its holders feel that it brings them closer to the Earth, increasing that connection to the planet. It also has significance as a healing and protection amulet. It allows its wearers to ebb and flow with the rhythm of the Earth (and the moon's relationship with the planet), and helps them maintain a balance as things move around them. This is why the moonstone crystal is believed to keep them safe.


All moonstones are believed to be connected to the moon, but some moonstones have slightly different moonstone meanings. The blue moonstone is about clarity, the white moonstone is powerful moon energy, and rainbow moonstone deflects negativity.


Moonstone Healing Properties


As well as keeping its wearers balanced, the moonstone crystal also offers healing properties. It is known for its connection to women and female energy. While people of all genders can use the moonstone's properties to heal themselves and gain balance, women may notice its effects more.


One way that the moonstone's healing properties are shown is in how it allows it users to regain all of their power. When wearers of moonstones are feeling low, or feel drained from a busy day or major life events, the moonstone crystal can help bring their power back to them. It is a frozen version of the moon's energy and this goes above its appearance.


With the moonstone crystal, wears are able to heal themselves, from within, using their own powers and energies to bring themselves back to strength. You can also wear a moonstone crystal in the place where you need healing the most.


So you could wear a moonstone pendant around your neck to heal your heart and to help you make decisions with your love life with greater insight and steadier thinking. If your stomach is tied in knots over a decision, wearing a moonstone can help to settle it, allowing you to think about the choice you have to make and not your tummy ache! Or, if you find yourself having negative dreams, you could place moonstone crystals to bathe your entire room in its colours, lulling you into a nice sleep with hopefully more positive images.


Other Uses for Moonstone Crystals


The best-known properties for the moonstone crystal are its healing properties. Its beauty also makes the semi-precious stone a popular choice as a form of decoration. However, there are many other uses for moonstones crystals.


One of these is a travelling protection amulet. Just as the moon affects the movement of the waves throughout the day, the moon's energy and power are present throughout the day. The moon's power goes where travellers go and can give them the energy to carry on with their journey and deal with any challenges they face along the way. It's also very powerful at night and for journeys done in the dark, because that is when the moon is most visible. This is why the moonstone is sometimes called the Traveller's Stone.


Some have also used the moonstone for its powers related to relationships and love. Likely because of the female energy offered by the crystal, it is believed to help lovers keep a hold on to their passion and to stay romantic with each other. In India, the moonstone is a traditional wedding gift. It looks good on rings, bracelets and as a form of decoration, allowing the lovers - whether they are newlyweds or estranged lovers looking to get back together - to carry the powerful moonstone crystal wherever they are. The stone is a great choice as it offers both a healing and loving property and for its use as a decorative item.


Janie from Walthamstow had been experiencing difficulties in her love life. She did not know where to look to find true love. Moonstone crystals helped her on that journey, pushing her in the right direction to find romance and a healthy relationship. She held the moonstones over her heart during her mantras and wore a moonstone necklace, so that she was prepared for romance whenever it found her.


Published: 23 April 2019

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