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Meanings of Your Power Animal


You’ve tried your first shamanic journey and you’ve met your power animal.  That’s a great feeling, but it can also be puzzling.  Why has this animal chosen you?  What are its gifts?  What does it mean?  Of course, the best way to find out what your power animal brings is to journey with it and communicate with it.  However, it is nice to have some ideas.  You may also want to take a look at the following articles for more information: 'Your Map to Shamanic Journeying', 'Your Medicine Wheel', 'What is Shamanic Journeying?' and 'Finding Your Power Animal'. Here is a short list of some of the most common power animals.



Flying high in the sky, Eagle brings freedom for the soul.  His gift is far-sightedness and he lifts you into the realms of the spirit, out of day-to-day basic concerns.



Looking closely at everything Mouse reminds you how vital details are.  He helps you see drawbacks and dangers, so you can be careful and prepared.


There are no bears now in the British Isles but they are close enough in our culture to show themselves as power animals.  Bear shows you where to search for what is important, tells you when to withdraw and to look inwards, and what to protect.


Although from the Native American tradition, Buffalo may appear.  She is close cousin to Cow, showing you how to be a part of your environment, finding abundance and blessing.


She brings transformation, freedom, living in the ‘now’ and casting fate to the winds.


Frog is happy in more than one element, finding healing in the cleansing waters.  He’s a friend if you need to wash off psychic negativity and ‘jump’ from one place to another.


Brings grounding, balance and patience.  He leads you steadily towards your creative centre.


Wakens you up and widens your perspectives.  He reminds you to look out for inspiration and to  aim high on your inner quests.


The hare is a Goddess-symbol, helping you look for your true self.  She is a magical animal, with knowledge of the Otherworld, who strengthens your instincts.


Seems timid but will help you face anxieties.  She can turn weakness into strength so you don’t run away from help because you are blinded by your fears.


She carries you between the worlds, powered by earth energy, yet free of spirit.  She can show you how to jump barriers as if they were not there but although she may be wild she is also compassionate.


Shows you how to defend yourself.  He brings courage and tenacity, with the instincts to find healing.


Teaches you to prepare for the future, to react quickly and seize opportunities.


The swan is linked to the goddess Bride who ruled poetry, healing and childbirth.  She teaches you to surrender to the flow of existence, and to allow your inner beauty to shine out.  She also brings transformation and releases creativity.


The dolphin is the breath of life, offering links with nature and a solution to crises, for his message is joy, playfulness and freedom.


The fox is quick and cunning, showing you how to create camouflage and watch for opportunities.  Fox is guided by his own principles and he shows you the way to healthy self-interest.


Shows you how to guard what you value.  He also makes clear where you should give your loyalty and devotion, and where you’d best not.


The cat can show you how to be in perfect harmony with your surroundings.  Self-sufficient, fierce yet sensuous and relaxed, Cat is in touch with her needs and feelings, and can give you this gift.


Stag means fertility and the mysteries of nature into which he may lead you, but you can never understand with your intellect.


Although no longer present in Britain, the spirit of Wolf lingers.  As your animal she is a teacher and pathfinder.  Gentle and loyal to pack and family, Wolf can give you a sense of territory and the ability to be discrete.


Brings joy and compassion, reminding you not to take yourself too seriously, but to take things as they come.


The goose is about renewal, achievement, purification and unexpected blessings.  She reveals ‘possible dreaming.’


The snake has the gift of wisdom and healing.  With Snake as your totem you can face anything.


Reveals what lies below the surface, or hidden in darkness.  He can enable you to hunt down what matters to you even if it seems lost without trace.

It’s totally natural to want some extra support when you are having unusual experiences and venturing into other states of consciousness.  We can offer medium readings and psychic readings and our on-line mediums are always there with their insight and wisdom from beyond this world.  Getting a reading could enable you to chill and feel much better.  Put in a call today and feel reassured and guided.


PUBLISHED: 7 January 2015

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