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May Election


New Beginnings at the Election

In May, in the UK, we are going to make a choice about who governs us. Maybe you take politics seriously and feel your vote is important, or maybe you believe what you do makes no difference. Either way, the Election focuses all of us on the way we run our lives. Do you live consciously, aware of your options and doing your best to direct what happens?  Or do you just muddle through, hoping for the best? Even if you don’t go anywhere near a polling booth, make sure you vote for you this May.

Think it through - People died to get you the vote. Even if you choose not to use it, Polling Day is something to be taken seriously.  How much more seriously you should take your own life! Be aware that you are making choices every day.  Are they the right ones for you?
Be savvy about the issues - Responsible voters make sure they’re well-informed about the most important issues, or choose a political party on the basis of their ideals. How are you applying your core values to your own life? How many of the things that are important to you are actually being fulfilled. It’s time for some analysis.
The Economy, Health, Service, Education - The major Election topics are also important in the day-to-day lives of everyone. Don’t leave it to politicians to determine everything, and don’t shift responsibility. Look at your own finances sternly and take steps to improve things. Look after your health with exercise and diet. Identify what you need to learn and educate yourself. You have the power! 
Identify your aims - Make this May the month when you really concentrate on your future. Have a few short-term goals, but also keep in mind the Big Picture. What have you always wanted to do?  Imagine you are making a big X against writing that novel, starting that business or making that journey. Remind yourself of your choice each night before you go to sleep – you may even like to draw up a fake ballot paper, which shows your selection in black and white – a great way to get it through to your subconscious.
Out with the old  - Many people do not so much vote for a party or politician, but against the person they do not want. This May, identify the things in your life that are really negative. These may be a friend or partner who’s dragging you down, a job you hate or maybe a routine you despise. There has to be a better way!  Vote for freedom, and kick out what isn’t working.
A complete fresh start - On the day after polling day many MPs will be faced with a new reality. They are either in or out, and there’s no going back. Make sure you set in motion the changes that you want, decisively and clearly.
Keep it secret - Many people never say who they vote for.  You don’t necessarily have to tell anyone what you’ve decided.  Just make sure that you are inwardly sharp and determined.
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