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Making A Fresh Start In Your New Home


We all move home for many reasons and sometimes, it is not our decision, nor choice.  One thing stands true though, you need to be as kind to yourself as possible, as this kind of change can take a while to settle.  Rome was not built in a day, but it was built!

There is a very positive thing from any home move, and that is the aspect of making a fresh start.  You have a blank canvas to create a new home and also a fresh start with all sorts of things.  Having said that, nothing happens overnight, so being kind and not overloading yourself with a massive ‘to do’ list is very helpful.


On the practicalities of your new home, many decisions on furniture and purchasing of ‘things’ are made in haste when people first move.  If you can sit back a little and let you, and your new home, settle then you will get a better feel for what you really love and need in it.


Finances are also a major issue when you first move


Here the second hand and re-use centres and warehouses are great right now.  ‘Freecycle’ on the web is also a source for items that folk are moving on to make room for the new.  For the creative souls, then many items can be re-vamped and re-made from second hand materials etc… ‘Youtube’ and ‘Pinterest’ on the web are both great sources of information and training (with videos) for how things can be tackled. 

Your home is an expression of you, and you can make it unique whilst learning new skills and discovering different talents.  It does not have to be perfect, but you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you did it.

The other aspects of making a fresh start, are more ‘within’ you.  Old habits and patterns of behaviour do not have to be followed when you move.  You know how you always come up with fresh and new ‘ideas’ when you go away on holiday for a few days?  Well the same can hold true when you move home.  Weaving in changes on how you operate are so much easier in a new environment, when you are out of your ‘comfort zone’ and you have space for the new.

Sometimes we long to change how things appear in our lives, or how we respond to them, but we are unsure where to start.  A loving reading from one of the gifted TheCircle readers can make all the difference.  Many of the readers are trained life coaches, and coupled with their psychic gifts, this gives them insight into others that is very helpful. A fresh perspective on why you do something, or react in a certain way, can help you to replace this with the ‘new’ way you wish.

Whatever you are facing with your fresh start, be as kind to yourself as you possibly can and take all the time you need.  There is time.  In all the ‘new’ make one room a haven, where you can escape in peace and order with a hot drink.  Bliss!

PUBLISHED: 01 February 2014


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