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Saturday 28th October Make A Difference Day

Why are we here? Why have you been put upon this earth? Do you ever ask yourself these questions? If you believe it’s important to make a difference and leave the world a better place, then try these six tips on October the 28th, and make this day the start of a better, more fulfilling life.

Learn all about:
  • The importance of making a difference
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Caring for Nature
  • Compliments
  • Giving to charity
  • Smiling
  • Gratitude


We all want to feel that our contribution is important and that we have done something good for others. If you need proof, scientific research shows that a caring deed has triple benefits. Of course it helps the person who receives it, but the person doing it also gets a fantastic warm glow. Add to this the fact that anyone watching also feels uplifted and you have a three-fold magic.
If you decide to make a difference, your good deed may spread wider than you think. Anyone who benefits or sees it will probably be inspired to give out their own kindness. That brings you fantastic good karma! Also, in a real way, it can make the world a better place. Who knows where the effects of your good deed will spread? Last but not least, doing something thoughtful can lift your mood and even if you had to talk yourself into it you’ll be glad you did
Making a difference doesn’t have to be hard. You don’t need to be a hero. Just choose from the following whatever seems easiest to you and start to make a difference.


A random act can be fun and can be anything you want, small or large. You don’t have to make up your mind in advance what you’re going to do. Why not just wake up in the morning and tell yourself you’re going to follow your well-wishing whim? Then you can spend the day keeping your eyes open for a way to be kind.
You might choose to help someone with their shopping, give a busker 50p or call on someone you know is lonely and needs help. After you’ve done your random act, who knows? You may feel inspired to do more!


Do you ever think how lucky we are to have open spaces, trees, flowers and grass to enjoy? It’s easy to take these things for granted, but when you reflect you will realise what a calming, uplifting effect Nature has on you.
There are lots of ways you can care for your public space. You could pick up litter, get together a group of friends to walk and spot wildlife, feed birds or offer to walk dogs. If you have a garden, plant a tree, or healing herbs. You will feel soothed by this and experience a real contact with the earth.


We all love a compliment but many people are afraid to give them. Maybe it will sound soppy, or as if you’re trying too hard to be nice. You may even prefer to throw jokey insults around to appear ‘cool’. If you do this, think again.
A sincere compliment can really boost you, especially if you lack self-esteem or are having a down day. So if a friend or colleague is looking particularly nice, has done something well or been helpful, make sure you tell them so.
As long as your compliment comes from the heart this is sure to strike the right note. It costs nothing and it’s the easiest way to make a difference, in a few seconds!


Charity demands can be annoying but there are lots of ways you can give and be sure that your resources won’t be wasted. Most supermarkets have bins for donations for the local Food Bank and for less than a fiver you can provide a treat or square meal for someone who’s fallen on hard times.
Another way to give that brings the additional benefit of getting you more sorted and organised is to pack up a few unwanted items from your wardrobe to take to your local charity shop. You’ll have more space, feel in control and polish your halo all at once!
And if all else fails there are plenty of charities that you can slip a bit of cash to, on-line if you like. If you’re time-poor but money-rich then that’s quick and rewarding.


We all tend to smile when we feel happy, but did you know that it also works the other way? If you make the effort to smile then it sends encouraging messages to your brain and, little by little, this can lift you if you’re feeling glum.
Also, smiles are catching. If you see a big grin on someone’s face then it’s hard not to mirror it. So smiles have a way of spreading. On Make a Difference Day promise yourself that you will make ten people smile. This could simply be by smiling at them, or by saying something nice or telling a joke or by a kind action. Of course it’s important that you don’t get yourself into trouble by smiling at the wrong people, but if you do it right the end of the day might see you struggling to wipe the grin off your face.


Gratitude is another thing that has a knock on effect. It pleases the person receiving it but it also enriches the one feeling it, making you realise how blessed you are.
By all means say a big ‘Thank you’ to anyone who deserves it, but even better concentrate on all the gifts you have.  Make a list of six of them. These could be big things like health and a nice house down to very small things, like an apple or bar of chocolate.
The more you dwell on your gratitude the better you will feel. On Make a Difference Day start the habit of daily gratitude and you will certainly make a big difference to your life.



We’ve looked at six ways you can make a difference, by a random act of kindness, caring for nature, giving to charity, paying compliments, setting yourself the smile challenge and being grateful. All of these will enrich your life and spread the good vibe outwards. But if you’re in a very ‘stuck’ place all you can think of is that you long for someone to make a difference to you! No problem! Our helpful Readers are waiting to turn your world around so put in a call today and soon you’ll be truly feeling ‘different’!



Published: 23 October 2017

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