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Liar Liar Liar Pants on Fire


Billy Joel says it all in his song about honesty. It is a lonely word. It’s hard to swallow when you know someone you love lies to you. A betrayal of trust is hard to forgive.


Unfortunately lying and deceit is rife. If you lie, it can snowball in the effort to cover your tracks. It can eventually get so out of hand that the liar becomes isolated and mistrusted.



Tips to spot a liar


Lying has become an Olympic sport and can be really hard to detect. If you are being told porkies here are a few new top tips on setting light to their metaphorical under crackers:

  1. Hold fire; do not rush in to acrimonious accusation mode. Build up a dossier of how they behave normally e.g. when they are being honest. Listen particularly to the words used, how they pace their sentences. Did you know that people are more able to detect fibbers by just listening to their voices? Proficient liars can use body language to their advantage to muddy the water. They can stare you right in the eye and swear that they were just out with their drinking buddies and not the other woman.
  2. Lying by omission can be just as damaging and insidious as an outright lie. Does their story really seem credible, what are they not saying?
  3. That old chestnut, subject change. If the truth offender suddenly switches to a more comfortable subject, this is a clear indication they are indulging in the murky world of lies and deceit. Play with them by bringing the subject matter back again, then swiftly change the conversation to something completely random. Watch their relieved reaction, it should tell you volumes.
  4. If someone is being unfaithful they can become distant, dishonest, defensive and intolerant . They do their outmost to make you believe that you are being paranoid and then turn the tables. Suddenly you are being accused of everything they are doing. Call their bluff by telling them you would be happy to take a lie detector test if they will! Their response will be predictable!!
  5. Play dumb, do not arouse their suspicions by scurrying into a corner and making notes! Liars are crafty and assume the entire planet is stupid. Show your hand before your investigation is complete and they will cover their tracks.
  6. When you are ready, calmly present your findings and leave them to stew. It’s not your fault that some people lie, they have betrayed themselves and you. The old adage still stands, “the truth will set you free”.

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