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Lapis Lazuli Meaning and Properties


The bewitching electric blue of the lapis lazuli stone, alongside the subtle flicks of gold, have made this one of the most coveted gems in human history. You may recognise it as the stone used in the funeral mask of the Ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun, an icon of power, privilege, and wise judgment. Aside from being unforgettably beautiful, the lapis lazuli mystical properties are also highly coveted around the world to this very day.


Long associated with power and advancement, a lapis lazuli healing crystal could be the spiritual tool that you need to move up a level in life, whether that means a new promotion, a new romantic partner, or a reaching a new stage in your spiritual and emotional journey. To find out more about everything that the lapis lazuli can do for you, read this complete guide on the wisdom keeper stone.



Lapis Lazuli Meaning


The lapis lazuli was used to decorate the crowns and masks of departed royalty for numerous reasons. Most importantly, the stone is thought to embody the ultimate link between the spiritual and physical worlds. The deep lapis blue signifies that space between day and night, between life and death, and between the body and the soul. As such, the lapis lazuli stone has always been popular with those looking to dive deep within themselves and embark upon a spiritual journey towards true self-realisation. The primary lapis lazuli meaning since ancient times is its use as a bridge between the mortals and the gods, which is why it is one of the most popular materials for healing crystals in the world today. 


Beyond this, its meanings are centred almost entirely around the inner processes of the individual, rather than external forces in the world around us. The deep, beguiling blue is easy to lose yourself in, so it's no surprise that lapis lazuli has strong associations with inner truth, inner peace and inner knowledge.


It is believed that this is the stone that people should gravitate towards if they want to find out more about themselves and what motivates them. In relation to this, the stone also has a slight connotation of danger that users should be aware of. Getting to truly know your innermost thoughts and desires is not for the faint-hearted or spiritually weak, therefore only those who are ready to know themselves should begin lapis lazuli spiritual therapy.


Lapis Lazuli Healing Properties


There are many practical lapis lazuli healing properties that can be used in all areas of your life. The powerful introspective properties of this water gem make it ideal for those looking to enhance their self-awareness and self-confidence. Those who are perhaps awkward in social situations, or don't have the self-belief to pursue their dreams and desires, will benefit the most from the lapis lazuli mystical properties. These emotional healing properties will also add new depths to your empathy, allowing you to form deeper and more meaningful relationships with those around you, be they family members, colleagues, or romantic interests. 


Lapis lazuli properties were recognised not just by royalty, but also by priests and healers. They bring understanding and tranquility to troubled minds. As such, many wearers of this crystal might find themselves drawn to it due to their own struggles with stress and overwork. The lapis lazuli crystal is a replenishing stone, meaning that those who wear it may quickly find their emotional and physical burdens lifted. Lastly, one of the most talked-about lapis lazuli mystical properties is its ability to attract success and advancement into people's lives. Those who are ambitious and wish rise to the top of their field should harness the power of this crystal to access the energy and focus it can provide.


Other Uses for the Lapis Lazuli Stone


The lapis lazuli stone has many other practical uses beyond personal healing. The ultramarine blue dye that can be harvested from it has been sought after by artists for centuries. Most notably, renaissance icons such as Da Vinci, Caravaggio and Raphael would use it to colour the robes of the Mary, the mother of Christ, as they too understood the powerful spiritual properties of the stone. The excellent polish of the lapis lazuli has resulted in its use in countless valuable objects belonging to the rich and powerful. The Faberge Eggs of the Russian Tsars, crowns of the Egyptian Pharaohs, and jewellery of the French nobility have all heavily used lapis lazuli in their manufacture. 


The properties of this stone for introspection and seeing into spiritual worlds has helped popularise its use as eye makeup. Its most famous use in cosmetics was by none other than Cleopatra, who is reported to have used it to give her eyeshadow that distinctive lapis blue hue. Even today, high-end makeup brands continue to use it, making it ideal for those fashion-conscious spiritual wanderers. 


The lapis lazuli stone may be regal, but today, anyone can afford a crystal made from this exquisite gem. If you're searching for a spiritual tool that can help you better understand yourself and the steps you need to succeed in all walks of life, this is the stone for you.


Published: 10 April 2019

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