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Labradorite Meaning and Properties


Known in the crystal world as a stone of transformation, labradorite is a feldspar mineral which forms part of a group of natural materials that make up more than 40% of the weight of the earth’s crust.


The crystal gets its name from its geological area of discovery in Paul's Island, which is close to the town of Nain in Labrador, Canada. It was in this icy location that natives first became mesmerised by the rock, believing it to be forged by frozen fire during the time of the Northern Lights.


This was furthered emphasised by its colouring, which features pearlescent shades of shimmering blues and greens. Over the years, the stone has lost none of its magical connotations and is still linked to the wonder of the cosmos and our destiny within it.



Labradorite Meaning


The stone’s mystical appearance is no coincidence. This is a crystal that harnesses the power of the spirit and brings magic and wonder to our daily lives. If the weight of existence feels too much to bear, it can take away the strain and lift us back into the clouds.


There are times to keep our feet on the ground and times to explore the boundaries of our spiritual awareness. The crystal can help us do both simultaneously. By placing the crystals in the appropriate locations we can feel connected to the earth and the cosmic realm.


When held in each hand, the stone can help us to drift into a higher state of consciousness, while a stone placed between our feet connects us seamlessly to mother earth. The stones can be worn as jewellery, or carried as a polished crystal or touchstone. Either way, the holder will feel elevated to a higher plane when in contact with the stone.


Those who feel the urge to wander through the labyrinth of existentialism will glide rather than stumble to their conclusions. Philosophical theory will come naturally and the connection between the spiritual and physical world will be clear. This has been the case ever since the ancient shamans first used these labradorite stone properties as a healing tool thousands of years ago.


Many labradorite crystals are mixed in colour with blue, green, yellow and orange hues blended into an iridescent shimmer known as labradorescence, while others may be white with a blue and green vein effect that can remind us of a pearl.


The labradorite stone properties include a crystal system that features three directions of natural cleavage along the structural planes, two of which appear at a right angle. The third is less obvious, but the reflection of the light from the sub-microscopic planes creates the colour and effect that are the key characteristics of the stone.



Labradorite Healing Properties


Labradorite is not one of the natural birthstones, although it is sometimes connected with the horoscopes of Leo, Scorpio, Cancer, Libra and Sagittarius. As a healing stone, it is thought to stimulate mental activity.


As a stone of transformation, it is helpful to those embarking on major changes in their lives. By releasing spiritual energy, those using the stones can find guidance and intuition and even unlock hidden psychic powers. Holding the stones can make one feel more confident and assured, not just in themselves but also in the world around them.


But the labradorite meaning also lies in its power to feed the imagination, develop clear thought and create mental space for new ideas to flourish. Those seeking to make new plans, embark on new adventures or enter into new relationships find that the crystal provides them with the spiritual energy to face these challenges.


Other Uses of Labradorite


They are many Labradorite uses linked to tantra and meditation. The crystal is connected to the throat, third eye and crown chakras but it is the throat chakra that is most affected by the energy radiated from the crystal. By balancing or unblocking the throat chakra, energy is free to flow through our bodies, stimulating other key areas. This creates harmony and allows us to express ourselves with spiritual calmness.


Those who use the stone for chakra healing often find it easier to communicate. They have more convictions in their beliefs and are more comfortable expressing their emotions. Overall, they feel that their true spirit has been revealed, resulting in an inner tranquillity that is otherwise hard to achieve.


Different coloured stones can open different chakras, but in a way that also balances the others. This unification of the chakras is what can lead to a higher state of awareness and psychic ability.


The stone may also be used in meditation to achieve a state of lightness. At this point, the borders between the past, present and future are removed and everything that ever was or ever will be exists in a single moment - an exhilarating experience for the body and soul.


To summarise, the stone allows us to penetrate new realms of consciousness and to unlock our spiritual potential. It harnesses our positive energy and frees us from insecurity. It makes us feel connected to the universe and the world beyond while also rooting us to the earth in a more meaningful way.


Published: 10 April 2019

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