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Key steps to break through that glass ceiling


We all have our own reality and we live within that.  If we believe something is so, then in our world it is.  We all give of our best, and especially in the world of work, we wish to be seen in our best light and to be able to showcase our talents. If you accept the belief of the ‘glass ceiling’ then for you it will be real.  What if, just for a moment, you put this belief down.  If the ‘glass ceiling’ does not exist, what could you be, where would you want to work and what role would you want to perform?


You set out to train, learn and gain experience in your chosen role and you see your path rolling forward.  You expect the recognition in title and financial reward as you develop and gain in experience.  Along the way you do everything you can to help yourself.  You self-promote with a current and ‘punchy’ Curriculum Vitae’, you dress appropriately and conduct yourself in a professional manner. You ensure that you are adequately trained for the role you are currently performing, and keep abreast of changes in legislation and new developments for where you are, and where you want to be. 


This all helps, but what if you find yourself blocked on your chosen career path?  Try and take a moment and step back for reflection.  Is there another way you can come round to where you see yourself placed.  Is the organisation you have affiliated yourself to thinking along the same lines as you?  Have changes within the company changed how they are best placed to support your career path? Are you being blocked by an individual with different views to yours?

The minute you find yourself blocked and you accept this, then you become stuck.  We all have an image of how our careers will develop and what will happen.  If you hold the belief that you can perform a certain role, or hold a certain position, then if may help you to let go of the expectations on how you will get there.  Life may have other ideas for you.  So if you find yourself blocked, then by stepping back, broaden your outlook and think about the other ways that you can come to where you want to be.  A change may be needed in the organisation, or on how you work, to enable you to get where you see yourself.  A different stepping stone could be a new company, or maybe a complete change like going self-employed. 

Often in life we cannot ‘see the wood for the trees’ and a lovingly delivered different point of view can shed light on your situation.  The gifted readers at TheCircle can talk you through new perspectives and help you to see a way forward.  We all have the answers within us, but tiredness, frustration, unhappiness, or low spirits, can leave us feeling jaded and unable to think.  Loving, clear words can be just the lift you need right now.

In life, the minute we accept others limitations, we lose sight of our uniqueness.  Remember you are special, worthy of your dreams and you will find a way. 

PUBLISHED: 23 January 2014

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