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Use Your Karma Positively

Many people believe ‘karma’ is a kind of Cosmic punishment delivery system, where bad deeds catch up on you and the score is evened out. However, the true meaning of karma is ‘action’. There are lots of ways your karma can be a positive thing – and that’s not just about what you’re owed through past grievances. Use your karma as a positive force in your life.

In the article we look at:
  • Learning lessons
  • Forgiving
  • Being a ‘giver’
  • Acting consciously


We are all here to learn lessons about spirituality, consciousness and the purpose of existence.  On the way we sometimes have bad experiences.  These happen to teach us lessons, so although they may appear ‘bad’ at first, often they turn out to be good, in the long run.  Even a life-threatening disease or a traumatic relationship break-up can leave you stronger, wiser and more open to real happiness and fulfilment.  It’s what called a ‘blessing in disguise’.
Also, if you’ve injured someone in a past life you may have to experience a similar injury.  This isn’t to punish you, but to teach you what it was like.
When difficult things happen you are bound to be angry and hurt at first.  But later on, when these feelings subside, ask yourself what you can learn from it all.  If you grow as a person that’s what it’s all about.
One word of caution here.  It’s great to try to see your own problems as learning experiences but when it comes to other people it’s wise to be very tactful about what you say.  When you’re hurt and unhappy it’s not helpful to hear that this is your fault because of what you did in a previous life, or because you have to learn something.  So when you think others are dealing with difficult karma, best to be sympathetic and helpful, and leave them to realise what it’s all about for themselves.  That way you’ll build up your own ‘good’ karma quicker!


When you realise that people who wrong you are actually agents for karma, and are in a way doing you a favour, it may be easier to forgive.  Always remember that forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.  When you forgive you let go of the weight of the action, you set yourself free and move on.  Forgiveness takes you to the top of the class and turns anything negative into positive.  There is no ‘should’ about forgiveness, no-one to judge you if you do not forgive – it’s just nicer in all ways for you.


Perhaps you feel that a few things are against you.  Friends may seem to let you down, you can’t find the partner you want, when you ask for a job to be done it isn’t up to standard etc.  Instead of giving into to a bad mood and venting your discontent, why not try giving others what you want for yourself?
Be a kind, reliable friend.  Give wise and positive advice based on your own relationship experience, to help anyone who needs guidance in their partnership.  If you undertake any job, do it to the very best of your ability.  This builds up good karma.  You can also see yourself as a teacher, not giving in to the petty whims of your ego.  This will lead to greater peace and satisfaction.


We all go onto ‘automatic pilot’ a lot of the time.  If you think about it you probably have some habits that you just fall into, without thinking.  If you can be more aware it will be good for your karma, as you will act more responsibly and be more spiritual.
Maybe you’re in the habit of gossiping, and sometimes it isn’t very kind.  Possibly you get distracted away from what you’re doing, going into negative fantasies and worries, which drain your energy.  Maybe you waste time window-shopping, browsing on the Net, arguing unnecessarily or doing any of 101 things that leave you feeling dissatisfied with yourself.
Try to limit this as much as you can by being mindful, truly present in the here-and-now and aware of what you are doing and feeling.  Then you will very quickly realise that what you’re doing isn’t making you feel good or leading anywhere constructive, and you can turn your attention to peace, balance and love.



In the above we have examined learning lessons, forgiving, giving to others and thinking and acting consciously.  If you work with your karma you will not only progress spiritually, you will be happier.  Of course this is all very well in theory – in practice, when you are down and struggling it can be very hard indeed to put a positive spin on the situation and create good karma.  That’s when you need some help from a person who understands the spiritual dimensions and can turn you to a positive attitude.  This is on offer with our wise, experienced Readers, so put in a call and progress on your path, while enjoying the experience.

Published: 02 May 2017

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