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July Crystal - Radiant Ruby


When people think of a Ruby, the first thought is probably that of a red stone set as beautiful jewellery. It’s no mistake that Ruby is seen as one of the most valuable crystals in the world today, a stone said to be worthy of Kings and at one point it was seen as more precious than diamonds. However, it also has countless metaphysical properties which, for many, far surpass any monetary value.  


Whether it’s in polished or rough form, you’ll be able to feel the deep warmth the crystal holds and it can be a very powerful aid when used in meditation. Some find it enables them to stay in a meditative state for longer, and if their energy’s become low it recharges them a lot quicker than other crystals. While sometimes confused with Garnet the two red stones share many attributes, though many consider Ruby to be the crystal of higher vibration and inner self, promoting a feeling of wholeness.


Ruby was traditionally given to married couples on their wedding day to promote a healthy and long lasting relationship for the amount of passion and truth said to hold within. In China it has been used to balance a sense of Chi and it seems Western practices use Ruby for a much similar effect. Related to the Root Chakra, Ruby can help stimulate circulation of energy flows around the body while simultaneously ‘ground’ you to the Earth plane. Many people experience tingles in their hands long after using Ruby because of the sense of electric current it sends out through the palm.


Its own unique vibration can also be linked to creative and intellectual pursuits as well as promoting a sense of protection against harm. Whereas red can be associated as the colour of danger, Ruby is said to encourage the fire within to overcome any obstacle and protect the wearer against such negativity – almost like a mystical power boost! It can also be used in the home to encourage a sense of wellbeing: placed at the hearth it has been known to encourage harmony and a more settled atmosphere. The warmth within a Ruby can speak to the core of a person’s Higher Self, assisting not only with confidence to push ahead in awkward or challenging tasks but also promoting a feeling of self-worth.


Ruby is really a wonderful crystal to have around. The very base of the crystal holds pure joy and can assist you in beginning the day with optimism. When used in a crystal grid – a method many practitioners use to enhance crystals’ properties – it can assist in encouraging a greater sense of vitality.


If you’re in need of a pick-me-up Ruby can help - but if you’d like more personal guidance with the surprises July brings, why not have a Psychic Reading with us? Our experienced Readers can shed light on any issues and give you clarity for any events to come.  Call TheCircle today.


PUBLISHED: 13 July 2015

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